Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 Things Fans Still Don’t Know About Mei Chang

A story can only become as strong as the characters that drive the narrative, and thankfully for Fullmetal Alchemist, his characters are some of the strongest and most colorful in the entire genre. Naturally, the characters that fans spend the entire series following, like Edward and Winry, are wonderfully developed and accomplished, but what’s really refreshing is that this is a freedom that extends even to the supporting cast.

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One such character is Mei Chang, a young woman from Xing who is as lovable as she is important and powerful. Not only does he add his own unique fighting style and likable personality to the series, he also cracks one of the most important codes in the entire series that the heroes were completely perplexed with.

10 Despite being burdened at such a young age, she is still a dreamer

mei chang excited fullmetal alchemist

Mei may seem like an innocent child, but in reality she has been entrusted with an incredibly important duty to the people of her homeland. Her only job is to find a way to lift her poor Clan out of poverty, and her search for the secret of immortality puts her in the path of the Elric brothers.

Even though she’s burdened by so much, she still manages to retain the typical rosy, idealistic vision of a child. After hearing rumors about the Fullmetal Alchemist, she envisions him as a strong and handsome prince and even daydreams about how handsome Alphonse would be without his armor.

9 She is the only character in the series shown wearing Alkahestry

mei using alkahestry fullmetal alchemist

Although Alkahestry is not the ultimate form of salvation that Ed and Al hoped for when they first learned about it, its medicinal uses are nothing to laugh at. Alchemy has more medicinal roots than traditional alchemy, making it better for healing.

Mei is actually the only character in the entire series ever shown using Alkahestry, which makes her truly unique. She tries to inform Al of some of her work, like the Dragon Pulse, but it all seemed to go over her head.

8 She and Alphonse got together after the series ended

alphonse and mei fullmetal alchemist

Although they are not given as explicit a confession scene as Ed and Winry, Al and Mei’s partner is incredibly sweet that it also turned out to be canonical in the end. As Ed and Al finally walk home together after the final battle, with their bodies restored, Ed notices that Al had grown as fond of Mei as she had all this time.

Two years after this, Al decides to go to Xing to learn Alkahestry from Mei so that he can become better versed in the healing arts. It is implied that the two make their relationship official during this time, as afterwards, the two return to Amestris together.

7 Can feel the difference in presence between humans and homunculi

mei chang protecting her friends fullmetal alchemist

She has only been seen using it a small number of times, but Mei possesses an incredible ability to sense the presence of powerful non-human entities, such as the Father and the homunculi. Every time she and Scar first descend into their father’s lair, she comments that she may feel an unnatural evil that is crushing her.

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It is possible that the reason she is able to feel such things is due to the nature of Alkahestry itself. Since it uses the flow of life from within the Earth and is very closely connected to the physical world, it makes sense for her to feel frightened by beings that were not naturally from Earth, such as those created by a Philosopher’s Stone.

6 Your imagination works like a blessing and a curse

mei chang scared fullmetal alchemist

Not surprisingly, Mei’s imagination is still incredibly hyper, as she is still a child despite all the responsibilities on her shoulders. On the one hand, your imagination can help you come up with strategies that most others couldn’t come up with, making you a valuable asset in battle.

However, this trait of yours is not a simple net positive. She can daydream during bad times and lose focus in important moments, and may even ignore the truth to instead believe in her own illusions, like when she believed both Elric were in love with her and so they came looking for her. .

5 She is a terrifyingly accurate knife thrower, although she doesn’t use this offensively

mei chang in fullmetal alchemist combat

Mei is shown to be able to throw knives with terrifying precision, although she usually only makes use of this to create Alkahestry circles from a greater distance.

There is no question that if he ever needed it, this would be an invaluable and deadly skill that he could use in combat. Of course, it’s always nice that such a young character doesn’t have to get so violent, but it’s interesting to think that her sniper skills could rival even Riza.

4 His intelligence is on the same level as Edward and Alphonse

mei looking determined fullmetal alchemist

It can be easy to forget that Mei is actually as smart as the Elric brothers. Despite how young he is, he has a complete command of the Alkahestry and can use it with precision even in high stress situations.

Not only does he understand alcahestry, he also has a complex understanding of the human body from a medical point of view and is able to use its power to heal most types of injuries. She was also the only one capable of decoding Scar’s brother’s notes, and one of the people accompanying her at the time was Marcoh, a certified genius.

3 She is the first person who is not afraid of Scar

mei and scar fullmetal alchemist

It makes sense that the first person who wouldn’t be horrified by Scar would be someone young enough to retain their childish sense of innocence. She bumps into Scar while traveling through Amestris and seems to instantly like him despite his gruff exterior.

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He also recognizes certain marks on his arm, given the fact that the marks Scar’s brother developed were a mix of alchemy and Alkahestry. She never seems worried that he might hurt her, and even uses her powers to protect him from being apprehended despite not knowing him for a long time.

2 His English voice actress played another role in the original 2003 anime.

mei discussing fullmetal alchemist

It’s no secret that Mei’s English dubbing actress Monica Rial is incredibly talented. He’s been in the industry since 1999 and has voiced hundreds of roles, so it’s no surprise that his vocal range is impressive and he can pull off a wide variety of characters.

Not only did she voice Mei in the 2009 anime, but she also voiced Lyra in the 2003 series. It’s interesting to see how drastically different the two characters are, and she pulls both roles out fantastically.

one The meaning behind his name

mei pointing her finger fullmetal alchemist

It’s incredibly rare for characters in fiction to be given a name without any meaning, and Mei is no different. It actually has a few different meanings attached to its name, depending on which part you look at.

Mei means “beautiful” in Chinese, which is a given given that she is a princess, but Chang doesn’t have much meaning beyond being a typical Chinese surname. Finally, Mei Mei means “little sister”, which could be a reference to the fact that she is related to Ling.

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