Amy Sherman-Palladino Gilmore Girls it’s filled with adorable and familiar moments thanks to the bond between Lorelai, Rory, and the quirky people of Stars Hollow. But the show also has its drama and its struggles. A large part revolves around the ups and downs of relationships, and jealousy tends to come with relationships.

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All the characters have experienced the green-eyed monster once or twice throughout the series. As painful as jealousy is, it is a natural part of relationships and can be resolved. However, the good people of Stars Hollow didn’t always have the right to be jealous or take their jealousy to the next level when it was unnecessary.

10 Understandable: When Christopher read Lorelai’s character reference for Luke

christopher reading lorelais lyrics - gilmore girls

When Luke was at risk of losing a custody case for his daughter, he asked Lorelai to write a character reference to show to the court. It took Lorelai a while, but she eventually wrote a compelling and honest reference letter.

Unfortunately, Christopher found the letter and read it as a love note. It was then that she realized that Lorelai still loved Luke and, worse, Luke wasn’t going anywhere. Christopher’s jealousy caused him to leave the house and ignore Lorelai for days.

9 Ridiculous: when Max saw Luke at Lorelai’s house

Max and Luke with Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

When Max showed up to take Lorelai out on a date, he was discouraged when he saw Luke standing in Lorelai’s living room. Lorelai could cut the tension with a knife. Max and Luke were evaluating each other before Luke sarcastically left them alone. Max was filled with rage upon seeing another man at his girlfriend’s house.

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She never calmed down to ask more about Luke. Lorelai and Luke had been in each other’s lives for a long time; Max shouldn’t have tried to come between that. He needed to calm down and take a second to himself instead of taking it out on Lorelai.

8 Understandable: when Rory saw Shane working at the beauty shop

Shane at the beauty salon - gilmore girls

After Jess and Rory secretly kissed, she left for Washington DC for the summer and never mentioned it again. When he returned to Stars Hollow, he found out that Jess started dating a girl named Shane. However, without realizing it, Rory began to judge Shane and treat her badly for it.

In one scene, Rory and Lane were at the beauty store buying hair dye, and Rory was unjustifiably cruel to Shane. Shane had no idea who Rory was or why he was behaving this way, which made him a little sad.

7 Ridiculous: when Brian wrote a song for Lane

Lane and the band - Gilmore Girls

Lane mentioned that Zack always wrote songs and gave them girl names. He thought radio stations were more likely to play songs with names attached. But when Lane asked Zack to name a song after her, he refused and changed the subject.

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Brian adorably chimed in and wrote a song for her so she wouldn’t feel left out, and she loved it! Zack, on the other hand, didn’t. He was so upset that a friend of his was “flirting” with his girlfriend that he ruined their big music concert because of it. His outrage was unjustified.

6 Understandable: Whenever Dean saw Jess

It was ridiculous that Dean was so jealous of Jess at first. Dean was dating Rory and they loved each other; There was no need to be so rude to Jess. This, of course, changed when Rory essentially chose Jess over Dean.

After Dean and Rory broke up, Jess and Rory began silently dating. This drove Dean crazy, and it was understandable. Stars Hollow was a small town and he couldn’t bear to see his ex-girlfriend hanging out with the boy she left him for.

5 Ridiculous: When Rory Met Bobby

rory is jealous of bobby - gilmore girls

Rory and Logan managed to traverse long distances with great success. As much as they missed each other, the distance brought them closer. Rory was envious of Logan’s new adult life, but knew she would have it herself after graduating from Yale.

But when Logan returned to the United States and introduced Rory to his associates, she was discouraged when she met Bobby. Rory didn’t know that Bobby was a woman, and she definitely didn’t know that Bobby was stunning. Rory was cold and dry with her and Logan’s friends all night because of it. What she forgot was that Logan was by her side and was very loyal to her. His jealousy was childish.

4 Understandable: when Dean was around Tristan

Dean and Tristan arguing at the dance - Gilmore Girls

Rory hated when Dean and Tristan were around each other because he knew trouble was coming. The two men got off on the wrong foot at the Chilton dance and have been fighting ever since.

In fairness to Dean’s rage, Tristan goaded Dean on. He wanted Dean to get mad and make a scene because he made it look like a joke. While Dean should never have threatened Tristan at the dance, Tristan does things to piss people off.

3 Ridiculous: when Lane questioned Sophie and Zack

Even though Lane and Zack had a happily ever after, they definitely experienced some tough times. In one scene, Lane was confused why Zack was being so distant and reserved. He immediately began to suspect that something was up, especially when he saw him and Sophie talking to each other.

Lane walked into Sophie’s store and accused her of flirting with her boyfriend. Sophie rejected Lane’s accusations immediately and proved that Zack was there strictly on a musical basis.

2 Understandable: When Luke saw Christopher for the first time

Although Luke is a quiet man, he is full of passion. It didn’t look like it on the outside, but Luke was devastated when Lorelai moved in with Christopher after their breakup. When Luke saw Lorelai and Chris strolling through Stars Hollow together, he knew she moved on.

But it all came to a head when Luke and Christopher met outside late at night. Without saying a word, the two men began to throw punches and fight each other. While violence is never the answer, Luke and Chris had every right to be jealous of each other.

one Ridiculous: Lorelai was jealous of her parents’ relationship with Rory

rory and emily gilmore

It hurts to say, but Lorelai was definitely jealous of her own daughter when it came to her parents. Lorelai’s relationship with Emily and Richard Gilmore had always been toxic because they wanted her to be something she was not. Rory, on the other hand, was the daughter they always wanted.

Lorelai showed jealousy when her parents favored Rory over her, especially when Rory enjoyed Friday night dinners and spent time with her grandparents.

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