Guardians of the Galaxy: Why the MCU’s Next Guardian MUST be Cammi

Cammi, Drax’s adopted daughter, could bring a new perspective to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy films.

The cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe has always been a source of intrigue and excitement, but things took a huge leap after stories like “Annihilation” and the formation of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy brought new characters and events to the forefront. One of the most memorable characters introduced around this time would also fit perfectly with the tone that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies they’ve been using, but who is Cammi and why is the MCU finally ready for her?

Created by Keith Giffen and Mitch Breitweiser in 2005 Drax the Destroyer miniseries, Cammi Benally was born and raised in remote Alaska. However, when Drax the Destroyer ended up crashing near his home, Cammi ended up finding him and even befriending him, resulting in his subsequent arrest alongside Drax by forces aligned with the Nova Corps. Cammi was present at the “Annihilation” events, where she learned to adapt to any situation.

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Following the event, Cammi ended up wandering the galaxy as a bandit, causing trouble for multiple space empires and even winning an intergalactic warrant for his arrest. Upon ending up in the custody of Abigail Brand and SWORD, Brand intended to send Cammi home, something the defiant and confident young woman was not interested in. Cammi’s return to Earth was interrupted by the events of Avengers Arena by Dennis Hopeless, Tigh Walker, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu, as she was one of the young heroes kidnapped and thrown into Murderworld as part of a tournament of death. Cammi’s survival skills and adaptive knowledge gave her an advantage over the other young heroes, helping her to remain one of the primary survivors of the ordeal. Cammi was one of the figures captured by the Masters of Evil and offered a place among their ranks. While some of the young heroes were tempted and others became spies for the heroes, Cammi simply tried to flee, being imprisoned by the Masters of Evil. Cammi was able to escape and even hijack the “God Mode” that Arcade had developed during Avengers. Arena, allowing Cammi to help free her remaining allies to take down the Masters of Evil.

Upon returning to space, Cammi resumed her space hacking, briefly meeting with Drax and joining the Yondu Ravagers for a time before encountering the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Forging a bond with the future version of Frank Castle after she was shown to be innocent enough at heart not to be affected by Frank’s specific Pennance Stare, Cammi ended up drawn into her battles against the Cosmic King – at various points she was killed. , resurrected and even possessed by the dark energies of the Cosmic King. Cammi was last seen overwhelmed by the force and possessed by it, with the Cosmic Ghost Rider following her trail.

She has proven to be a tough and resourceful character, a sarcastic and cunning fighter who never acts cruelly or without reason. Even in her harshest moments, she still retains a core of humanity that makes her a compelling space hero for the modern age. The fact that he can easily defend himself against established heroes and villains only solidifies his credentials. He would also make a perfect addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially considering his skill set and range of abilities, as well as his potential to fit in perfectly with team dynamics.

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She could be a compelling contrast to Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon, incorporating their mischievous qualities while forcing them to take on a more responsible role, especially if Groot is past his harrowing teenage years. Avengers: Infinity War Y Avengers Endgame. His original bond with Drax could be especially potent in the MCU, where Drax’s lost family has been a quietly powerful recurring rhythm for the character.

Cammi could help play a surrogate daughter role alongside Mantis, with her cheeky personality and pure heart making her a natural contrast to Mantis. She would also be well positioned to become a recurring player in the MCU as more young heroes are introduced to the universe, such as Ms. Marvel and Kate Bishop. With the MCU embracing new characters and stories, now is the perfect time to give Cammi the space to shine as part of the future of the game. Guardians of the Galaxy.

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