Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy just improved the ending of the notebook

In DC Love is a Battlefield # 1, the ending of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s love story is similar to and better than the ending of The Notebook.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The notebook Y DC love is a battlefield no. 1

Harley quinn Y Poison Ivy will always be one of the best romantically involved couples in all of the comics and possibly beyond. Aside from this scientifically known fact, a new love story highlighting the most endearing and comical moments of DC’s most celebrated power couple is written in such a glorious way that, in the space of a few pages, it outshines one of the most loved romantic dramas. of all times, The notebook.

In The notebook, a 2004 film based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, an aging Noah Calhoun recounts the struggles he and his beloved Allison “Allie” Hamilton faced as hapless lovers of an Allie now suffering from dementia. His hope is that by telling his story (with the most romantic dates in a movie) will help Allie remember their lives together. Unfortunately, her memories are always elusive and she only manages to ward off the effects of her dementia for a few minutes. Worst of all, when Allie succumbs to her illness, she is so terrified that she must always be sedated. What makes the story so moving is that the two of them die together hand in hand.

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The popular movie has a lot in common with a Harley and Ivy-centric story in the recently released DC Love is a battlefield # 1 comic. The two love stories follow the same basic structure, where the main events have no place in the present. They are stories told by an older couple to each other or an older lover to their loved one about their respective relationships. In both cases, one of the lovers is ill in the hospital while the other remains by his side. However, both the movie and the comic end very differently, though each pulls at the readers’ hearts with a tenacity few can rival.

The tale of Harley and Ivy is one of the many tales in the special Valentine’s Day compilation DC Love is a battlefield # 1. Written by Tim Seeley with art by Rebekah Isaacs, both lovers can remember together, from the moment they first planted the seeds of their relationship and recounted how it grew from a small tree before finally blooming into a beautiful romance. The problem is, Harley is sick. But Ivy has pills that will allow them to turn into plants, so that they can be reborn again and again. The problem is that, since they are not animal cells, they will not be able to retain their memories. So even though they will live again, they won’t remember anything about their previous lives.

On the surface The notebookThe bittersweet ending stands out because the two lovers were blessed to have died together with their memories intact. The likelihood of this happening is pretty low, as Allie generally only remembered who she was for no more than five minutes, making it nothing short of a miracle. And yet his story is over. There is nothing to build on.

In the case of Harley and Ivy, they have a much longer and possibly rockier road ahead. Although they will live forever as plants, it is still implied that Harley will die first, leaving Poison Ivy single. Furthermore, there is still the possibility that as plants they may never connect as they did as humans, condemning themselves to countless separate lives. But of course there is a belief that love conquers all. And when combined with Harley quinnFinal comment on how he wants to meet “Ives” much earlier in life, there is hope. And that’s why the end of your story overshadows The notebook‘s: Hope.

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