Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book in the series, released in 2003, three years after the previous installment. With Lord Voldemort now back, The Boy Who Lived faces his most difficult year yet. The Dark Lord operates in secret, which means that no one believes in Harry Potter when he tells the story of the villain’s return, Dolores Umbridge makes his life at school hell and, to top it all, godfather Sirius Black tragically dies in order to year.

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Jk Rowling’s book is a masterpiece and, at 257,045 words, it is the longest in the series. However, even the author is prone to making mistakes. So now we’ll take a look at the 10 that were made in the fifth novel in the franchise.

10 The Advanced Guard

After casting a Patronus charm to save cousin Dudley Dursley from the Dementors, Harry finds himself in trouble. His obnoxious Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon decide to lock him in his room again, just as they did after Dobby the house elf’s chaotic visit during the events of the Chamber of secrets. And the Ministry of Magic agrees to put him on trial for using magic outside of school.

The Ministry uses magic (obviously) to detect spells that are being used in the vicinity of someone with the trail on them. But by that logic, they should have been aware of the many spells Nymphadora Tonks uses within 4 Privet Drive. She uses Lumos, a packing spell, Scourgify, and also a spell that allows Harry’s trunk to gracefully slide down the stairs. Since the Ministry is looking for any excuse to expel the beloved hero right now, it is definitely an oversight.

9 Sirius is wrong on the dates

Harry Potter

After an emotional reunion with Sirius at 12 Grimmauld Place, Harry and his godfather start talking. They touch Severus Snape and it is here that Sirius reveals that the Potions Master “ran in the same circles” as Bellatrix Lestrange at school, suggesting that he was always destined to go wrong.

However, since Bellatrix was born in 1951, the math doesn’t add up. Snape started Hogwarts two decades later, which means that Helena Bonham Carter’s character would have been 20 years old at this time. Too old for school, but definitely of legal age to start dating Voldemort and join him on his mission to purge the magical world of all non-magical people.

8 Harry’s Charges

Harry’s trial has not gotten off to a perfect start. He’s very close to being late, as Arthur Weasley was only able to escort him to the Ministry of Magic in time. Yetm, while using underage magic is illegal, one of your charges shouldn’t even be on your criminal record sheet.

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The boy who lived is charged with using magic in the presence of a Muggle, which is a crime under the Statute of Secrecy law. Dudley, however, is the muggle in question and was already aware of the existence of the wizarding world. Therefore, Harry should have gotten rid of this charge, although it is possible that Cornelius Fudge was looking for more reasons to expel him.

7 Defending Against Dark Arts Teachers

Harry talks to Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger about Umbridge after she is named the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Then he takes out the list of his predecessors, saying ‘one looted, one dead, one memory erased and another locked in a trunk for nine months.’ The Gryffindor student refers to Remus Lupine, Quirinus Quirrell, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody.

But Lupine was not fired, he resigned at the end of The prisoner of Azkaban after Snape announced that he was a werewolf for the whole school. Rowling could have simply been simplifying things for her readers but since it is not accurate it is considered another mistake.

6 Hermione and her leprechaun hats

Hermione Granger becomes somewhat obsessed with house elves in the fifth book, having been appalled by Barty Crouch Sr’s treatment of Winky in the goblet of fire novel. Emma Watson’s character begins to weave a ridiculous amount of clothing to free as many elves as possible, but she doesn’t realize that everyone is insulted, and as a result, Dobby is the only one willing to clean up Gryffindor Tower.

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Elves don’t want to get close to clothing in case they are accidentally released. However the Chamber of secrets makes it clear that only their owners have that power. Harry could have released Dobby at any time if that wasn’t the case, rather than fooling Lucius Malfoy (much to his fury). Hermione never had the ability to free the elves because that power ultimately belonged to Albus Dumbledore.

5 Dennis Creevey

The Potter movies featured the character of Colin Creevey. What they didn’t show was his brother, Dennis, who joins the school in the goblet of fire novel. He is placed in Gryffindor, showing remarkable bravery (which can also be described as silly) after falling into the lake on his way to Hogwarts, receiving the help of the giant squid along the way.

Dennis appears as one of the people present at Hog’s Head when the secret organization Dumbledore’s Army is created. But, since he is only in his second year, he will not be allowed to travel to Hogsmeade. It can be argued that he may have run away from school, as Harry did. However, the presence of Argus Filch and the Ministry’s knowledge of the school’s secret corridors make this unlikely.

4 The charm of Fidelius

Hermione is the brightest witch of her age, to quote Sirius Black. Despite that, she still seems to be prone to unusual lapses of concentration. At Order of the Phoenix, he could have used the Fidelius Charm to make sure no one found out about Dumbledore’s army, rather than using a charm that leaves scars on anyone foolish enough to give him away.

Sure, it would have been extremely difficult to pull off given the spell’s advanced nature. We’re talking about Hermione though, so we’re sure she could have made it work.

3 Prefect powers

After Umbridge gives Draco Malfoy a role in the Inquisitorial Squad, who loves his fondness for making life at Hogwarts hell for about 90 percent of people, he then proceeds to raid Gryffindor and Hufflepuff points after overhear a conversation between Hermione and Ernie. Macmillan criticizes his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

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Ernie later laments that the prefects cannot rob points of the house. However, this is clearly an error due to the Chamber of secrets book. In that novel, Percy deducts points from Ron’s house after catching him in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, proving that they do indeed have the power to influence the House Cup. If we were prefect, we would probably do it to make sure our house reigned supreme.

2 The Quidditch match

Harry is forced to watch Quidditch matches involving Gryffindor from afar after being kicked out of the team by Umbridge following a fight with Malfoy earlier in the year. During a game, in which Ginny Weasley steps in as the Seeker, he watches with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in the top row.

However, Rubeus Hagrid appears behind them. We know he’s tall, but even the Care of Magical Creatures teacher isn’t bigger than the Quidditch stands. He ends up telling his three favorite students about Grawp, his half brother, whom he rescues from the Giants after being sent on a covert mission by Dumbledore.

one guard

Relatively to the beginning of the fifth book, it is established that the members of the Order of the Phoenix they take turns keeping the prophecy in the Department of Mysteries. This is where Arthur Weasley is brutally attacked by Nagini, and the Mark Williams character barely survives.

However, Death Eaters easily enter the end of the book. In fact, all members of the Order only show up late, with Harry and his friends forced to wait a while before making their grand entrance. Sure, it’s all pretty exciting. But this is definitely another bug worth including.

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