Harry Potter video reveals Tom Felton’s grandfather’s secret cameo

Harry Potter star Tom Felton reveals that his grandfather, Nigel Anstey, had a cameo in the first film as a teacher during a Quidditch match.

A new video of Harry Potter Star Tom Felton reveals his grandfather had a cameo in Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Felton is widely known as the actor behind Harry Potter’s arch nemesis, Draco Malfoy, and throughout the eight-film series he managed to amass a dedicated following, despite the character’s bad manners.

From the moment Malfoy met Potter, it was apparent that the two would never become friends. In fairness, however, it was Malfoy who actually tried to win over Harry in their first encounter in The Philosopher’s Stone. But Malfoy’s intention was never more honorable than the hope of winning another thug in his entourage, and his belief that the “right guy“Wizards existed with whom making friends certainly rubbed Harry the wrong way. Over the course of the series’ next seven films, Malfoy proved to be an intriguing and downright dangerous antagonist, though to this day there is no shortage of fans who feel he was ultimately an understanding character. But while a lot is known about Malfoy in the franchise, few knew that Felton had a family connection in the first. Harry Potter movie.

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During a live broadcast through his Instagram account recently, Felton sat and looked Harry Potter and tthe sorcerer’s stone while providing ongoing feedback. As the movie’s Quidditch match unfolded, Felton excitedly noted that the Hogwarts professor sitting next to game commentator Lee Jordan (Luke Youngblood) is actually his grandfather, Nigel Anstey:

“That’s my grandfather again! The boy with the beard. White beard! Big beard right next to Lee Jordan. And there is me again. It’s a familiar, mental thing! Mental!”

Although the moment is brief for Anstey, he also appeared in a scene where Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco see the Great Hall at Hogwarts for the first time. Oddly enough, Antsey’s chosen profession was not acting, and he is a fairly well-known and accomplished geophysicist, with numerous books on seismic exploration under his belt. Anstey does not appear in the film’s official credits, making it difficult to tell which Hogwarts professor he played. It’s also hard to know how Felton’s grandfather came to be chosen as a teacher, given his geophysical background, but he’s a sweet cameo.

In recent months, Felton has become increasingly vocal about the Harry Potter franchise. He previously mentioned his efforts to try and put together a cast reunion, and even said that he would be interested in returning in the future. Potter Projects. This most recent live-streamed event turned out to be a success, especially with this hilarious reveal about her family’s connection to Harry Potter and tthe sorcerer’s stone. Hopefully Felton has some kind of role in potential HBO Max. Harry Potter Series that is reportedly in development, because he’s clearly still in love with the magical world that made him a star.

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