Haruhi Suzumiya – All the main anime characters, ranked by agreeableness

Haruhi Suzumiya is a series full of flawed characters who are hard to like in general, but some are definitely more likeable than others.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of the best Kyoto animation anime produced in the 2000s. Regardless of whether a fan despises one or all of the characters or vice versa, many of its aspects will entice audiences to choose a favorite.

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Whether people adore Haruhi because she’s one of the most powerful female anime characters ever or Kyon because she’s relatable and laid-back, these characters have a couple of characteristics that can help fans rate their likability.

7 Haruhi Suzumiya can be difficult to deal with and can end reality

Haruhi is happy

Although the title of the anime incorporates the name of the main character, it does not mean that people should enjoy that character. Haruhi Suzumiya is a cheerful and optimistic woman who loves spending time with people who she feels are not normal. On that note, if things were to bore Haruhi, she would put on a bossy and devious facade towards anyone to escape said boredom.

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Some examples include using her friend Asakura as a blackmail device to gain access to computers and cause time cycles because she refuses to let the summer season conclude. Not only that, but Haruhi can also reshape, transform, change, and end an entire reality if she ever gets bored with it. Therefore, Haruhi’s sympathy with fans may not be too high, with some arguing that she is a downright selfish character.

6 Ryoko Asakura is murderous and lacks empathy

Asakura looks determined

Although she may not be among the best characters with blue hair, Ryoko Asakura is not a rookie when it comes to fighting or being aggressive. Like Yuki Nagato, Asakura is a space person and Nagato’s backup unit. Although he can only mimic human characteristics and social skills, he lacks empathy.

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An example of this was her intention to make Haruhi open up more to the other students in her class, not because Asakura wanted to help her, but mainly to help Haruhi unlock her supernatural powers. What makes her most unpleasant to others was her selfish decision to kill Kyon to activate Haruhi’s powers.

5 Yuki Nagato likes to keep things to herself and will do whatever it takes to complete her mission

Yuki is looking down at someone

One of the most memorable characters in The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaWho received a spin-off series that many argue is better than the original show is Yuki Nagato. Although Nagato has helped and saved people from death, her mannerisms and lack of human emotion can cause fans to dislike her character.

While Nagato’s lack of human sentiment and social skills stems from her origin as an otherworldly being, fans may be irritated by Nagato’s devotion to pleasing Haruhi and accomplishing her creators’ task. Nagato even reveals her willingness to harm others when she admits that if Kyon knew she was behind the events in Haruhi Suzumiya’s disappearance that she would erase his memories.

4 Itsuki Koizumi surrounds himself with mystery and pretends his emotions

Itsuki is drinking something

It could be said that Itsuki Koizumi may be a person with one of the most used superpowers in anime thanks to her Esper status, but she is mostly the eloquent “yes man” of Haruhi. Although Koizumi may have the features, mannerisms, and personality of a highly respected human being, he informs Kyon that it is all a facade meant to please Haruhi.

In particular, during his conversation with Kyon, he admits feeling stressed, worried, and enraged when he’s around Haruhi. Itsuki doesn’t like Asahina for a while due to how she acts, which he believes is just her pretending to manipulate Kyon.

3 Tsuruya helps when she can

Tsuruya can act and have the same enthusiasm as Haruhi, but what sets Tsuruya apart is her enjoyment of helping others and making people smile. Known as Mikuru’s best friend with a strong voice and energetic personality, Tsuruya is friendly and warm-hearted to many people she meets.

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Tsuruya admits to Kyon that she is only entertaining Haruhi because she loves to see people feel happy with life. Tsuruya’s efforts to keep Haruhi and the others from feeling miserable and bored prove that she is a nice person, which helps solidify her status as one of the most popular anime characters with green hair.

2 Kyon is an extremely related but contradictory person

Kyon seems upset

Arguably the most relatable character in the anime is Kyon, as his sarcastic comments and conflicting emotions will allow many viewers to become attached to him. Although Kyon professes his contempt for some of Haruhi’s actions that don’t sit well with him, he cannot openly admit that he enjoys her company.

Kyon shows this same emotion with the rest of the characters on the show, including Asahina. For example, whenever Haruhi tried to force Asahina to wear an attractive outfit, Kyon would switch between disapproving and approving of the idea. Kyon’s inability to stay true to an emotion can enrage viewers, but it can make him an enjoyable lead when fans link his indecision to their own.

one Mikuru Asahina deserves love and respect

Asahina has a sandwich in her hands

The SOS Brigade mascot destined to attract more attention to Haruhi’s club through her popularity and appearance is Mikuru Asahina. Despite being a shy, nervous, and fragile person, Asahina has immense respect for everyone in the club, including Haruhi.

Despite Haruhi using Asahina as a blackmail device for her attractiveness on several occasions, Asahina’s devotion to pleasing Haruhi led to Haruhi’s development and emotional change. Asahina’s fragile emotions and her inability to confess her love for Kyon can also influence fans to feel bad for her, making her even more likable.

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