Hearthstone’s new Legacy card game explained

The new Hearthstone Legacy Set expands the Wild format with classic cards and allows Blizzard to further enhance the new player experience.

Official Warcraft trading card game Hearthstone is approaching its 7th birthday, which is quite a feat for any online game. Blizzard has kept pace with new sets, card changes, and other quality-of-life improvements for players who continue to play after all this time. However, like any card game, the metagame needs a reorganization from time to time to stay current. That is what Hearthstone hopes to do with the recently announced Legacy Set, a new collection of cards that gives free players and new recruits a better way to start working. If players are loading Hearthstone When they first sign up or log into daily missions, this is what the changes mean to them.

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For most of HearthstoneIn the story so far, players had two formats to choose from once they went through the game’s tutorials and built their collection. Standard is filled with the latest card games and is intended to be a controlled competitive environment. Cards drop out after two years, which means that a new environment keeps things interesting all the time. Those who want to pitch with old favorites load Wild instead, a place to play with every card in the game’s history. While this can lead to a wide variety of decks, it also means that the power level of the decks in the format grows forever.

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This week Hearthstone The update adds a third format to the mix, called Classic. In the same way that Classic World of Warcraft turned back the clock for the MMORPG, the classic format features Hearthstone as it was when it originally debuted. Cards in this format revert to their original shape, allowing older players to return to the decks and strategies they played years ago. Cards from the two current starting sets (Classic and Basic) that existed at launch can be played here, while their modern counterparts move to Wild. This ushers in a new base set that updates the cards players get when they first start the game and allows Blizzard to rotate that set of cards on a regular basis.

What is the Hearthstone Legacy Set?

Hearthstone Core Set Changes in Accessible Game

Finally, cards that were moved to Wild from Classic and Basic (as well as cards that were previously moved from Standard to the Hall of Fame set) are combined into a new set in Wild known as Legacy. This allows players who want the Hearthstone Experience the game with all the cards ever released while allowing newer players and competitive veterans to build an even more balanced environment. When the Legacy set comes out with the next rotation, players will receive a set of Basic cards if they have already unlocked the Wild format, while Classic cards can be crafted and disenchanted for the first time.

Overall, the upcoming update and introduction of Core and Legacy sets for Hearthstone positions the card game more in line with its tabletop contemporaries. While Magic: The Gathering He hasn’t always had his own version of the Core in rotation, it has proven to be a great way for new players to get into the tricky game without feeling overwhelmed. With seven years of cards now piling up, Blizzard’s game is in a similar boat, and a rotating set of new cards gives them one more knob to turn when it comes to doing the continuum. Warcraft spin-off accessible to all.

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