How All American Shaped Coop’s Role In Spencer’s Arm Troubles

All American season 3 confirms that Coop is connected to Spencer’s lingering arm problems after he was shot, and this is how the show set up the reveal.

All american season 3 added a new wrinkle to Spencer’s ongoing arm problem by revealing that he blames Coop for what happened; This is how the show prepared the reveal. Spencer’s football career was put in jeopardy last season when he was the target of a gang shootout. The event damaged the nerves in his right arm, but he eventually made a full recovery, or so he thought. the All american The season 2 finale showed Spencer momentarily losing feeling in her arm again.

Spencer’s arm problems continued in All american season 3 and left him confused as to why this kept happening after doctors said he was physically fine. This prompted Spencer to see a therapist and discuss the possibility that it is related to her mental state. He saw his new therapist several times in All american Season 3, Episode 4. The therapist asked Spencer to relive the events of her shooting and write down what she remembered. The goal of this exercise was to uncover Spencer’s “stuck point”, which is a moment that the brain has missed and failed to address. Spencer doesn’t know what her stuck spot is right away, but the episode ends when she realizes it’s Coop.

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Coop’s connection to Spencer’s shooting and arm problems runs deep, and it’s kind of All american it has been setting up all the time. Coop previously linked up with Tyrone’s gang in Crenshaw and tried to get others to turn against him. This made her a target of Tyrone and caused Spencer to step in to try to protect her when possible. Spencer’s confrontations with Tyrone led him to become a target, but now he realized that he was only shot because of Coop. Now that Spencer has made this connection, the loss of feeling in her arm may be linked to times of stress with Coop.

Spencer’s arm problems returned for the first time at the end of All american season 2. While the numbness didn’t start until he was with Olivia, Spencer was last seen saying goodbye to Coop. He was about to leave on his summer music tour. Although Tyrone was already dead and Coop was shown not to be the killer, Spencer is always worried about her. It’s unknown why it took so long for the loss of feeling to begin when Spencer traveled from Crenshaw to Beverly since then, but that was the last time she was with Coop before it happened. In All american Season 3, Episode 3, Spencer briefly fell asleep before the first game of the season. However, just before the game started, Coop told her that her shooter was arrested and that she believed it was part of Monique’s sinister secret plan to get revenge for Tyrone’s murder. While Spencer dismisses this conspiracy theory (as he calls it), this could once again trigger his concern for Coop’s safety and explain the loss of feelings again.

Now that Spencer has connected Coop to his arm problems, it will be fascinating to see what comes out of this as All american season 3 continues. He has just learned that Coop may not graduate due to pursuing a music career and missing too much school. While he wants to help, Spencer could be put in a tough spot where she has to let Coop figure it out on her own. Doing so might be a tough love for Coop, but it would also keep Spencer a little less stressed. It can even be argued that a split from Coop is best for Spencer, but that seems unlikely to happen. In any case, it will be fascinating to see if Spencer has arm problems now that she has identified Coop as her stalemate.

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