How iOS 14.5 and Apple Maps Improve Traffic Alerts

iOS 14.5 looks like an increasingly exciting update, with the option to report accidents and other traffic hazards from Apple Maps.

Apple Maps will receive an update when iOS 14.5 hits iPhone devices that improves traffic alerts and related information, including dangers and speed traps. iOS 14.5 is currently in beta testing, and the official release date is still near. Upcoming features could include the option to change Siri’s default music service from Apple Music to another service, like Spotify.

iOS 14 last received an update in January with iOS 14.4, although the biggest changes focused on security improvements. Apple Maps, also known as Maps, is the built-in mapping system available on Apple devices. It allows users to find nearby locations, such as coffee shops and gas stations, or search for a specific address. When iOS 14 was first released, Apple Maps introduced some cool new features. Users discovered ideal bike and electric vehicle routes, along with curated guides highlighting unique attractions in the current location. Currently, iOS users can report accidents using Siri or CarPlay, an Apple app that allows users to access iPhone functions on the car’s built-in screen.

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With the next update, there will be the option to use Apple Maps directly. According to MacRumors, a “ReportIt will appear when users swipe up on the Apple Maps interface. By touching the “Report”It will show three additional options: Accident, Danger Y Speed ​​control. Tapping one of these buttons will mark the user’s location. The only step required seems to be simply tapping the button, as there is no confirmation option at the moment. Alternatively, users can say: “Hey Siri, there is an accident.And Siri will send a report to Apple Maps.

Comparison of Apple Maps with the Competition

Competitors like Google Maps and Waze already offer crash reporting features within their apps. In fact, both offer more options than Apple Maps apparently will offer after the update. For example, Google Maps allows users to report traffic congestion, lane closures, or an object on the road. Waze not only allows users to report an accident, it even offers specific categories such as “Less“For a fender or”Higher“For a more serious incident. Unlike the upcoming Apple Maps update, Google Maps also asks the user if they are sure to report an accident, while Waze even allows people to delete a report.

Still, this iOS 14.5 enhancement will definitely add a degree of convenience when reporting a crash or similar issue, as users will be able to do so directly from Apple Maps. Other Apple Maps users in the area are also likely to see the flagged incident. As a result, the update may also make Apple Maps an even more useful hub for traffic information.

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Source: MacRumors

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