How the Simpsons broke up Mary Poppins

Let’s see how The Simpsons found their own version of Mary Poppins and proceed to break her spirit in no time.

The Simpsons has always employed a deceptively harsh tone for the show’s worldview, with multiple storylines taking classic characters and stories so that the wild and wacky world of the Simpson family can destroy them. One of the most memorable examples came when the show took on a major figure in Western pop culture and broke her up in one episode.

The eighth season of The Simpsons introduced his version of a Mary Poppins-like figure and quickly showed how a couple of weeks with the family could rest the classic character.

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The season 8 episode “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoying Grunt) cious” begins with the stress of caring for her destructive family leading to Marge losing her hair. In an attempt to make her life easier, the family decides to hire a babysitter to help them around the house. This ends up being Shary Bobbins, a kind and sweet British woman who even seems to have some mystical properties about her. Apparently, he is able to reach out to children, helping them to be well behaved and pleasant. After spending time with the Simpsons, Shary is convinced her job is done, at least until the moment she leaves the house, when the family quickly clashes again.

As soon as they introduce her, Shary Bobbins is a clear stand-in for Mary Poppins. First appearing in PL Travers’ book series before becoming an on-screen icon thanks to the Disney movie of the same name, Mary Poppins is a magical and skilled caregiver who can help families overcome their deficiencies to get better. themselves. The show almost references Mary Poppins by name, with Shary Bobbins interrupting Homer to prevent him from saying the name out loud. But he’s just as friendly and helpful as the Disney incarnation of Mary Poppins, and he’s resourceful, making the fact that he can’t fix The Simpsons even more fun.

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Shary prides herself on helping others become better people, and is shocked to discover that the Simpsons have no interest in improving themselves. As time goes by, the family grows weary of her charms and simply asks her to do the job she was hired for, without the joy of songs or magical adventures. They even make the poor woman cry, leading her to drink with Barney sadly. It’s not until she comes to terms with how comfortable the family feels in its current form, which occurs in the form of the musical number “Happy Just The Way We Are,” that Shary can quit her job and wish her well. family. . As the ultimate indignity, Shary is so distracted by her experience that she floats in the path of an airplane, is sucked into the turbine, and dies.

Considering Mary Poppin’s famous ability and drive to help people, it’s hilarious that the Simpsons are too much for her. But it’s not just about his naturally destructive impulses or his lack of basic etiquette. Unlike the families Mary Poppins helps in her stories, the Simpsons don’t really want to change their lives because of Shary. While they are happy to be easily lazier thanks to Shary’s presence, they are also quite happy with their lives. Even Marge admits that she wouldn’t want to change anything about the people she loves, even if they stress her out again. In essence, the Simpsons show that sometimes there is no need for someone like Mary Poppins or Shary Bobbins because people can be happy the way things are.

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