How to update the workbench in Valheim

The workbench is one of the first things players will want to build in order to survive in Valheim. It can be upgraded to four levels to make a better team.

In survival games like Valheim, crafting is one of the most important mechanics a player will master. Elaboration in Valheim it’s the best way to get better tools, home comforts and weapons that will make exploring the 10th Nordic world easier and more fun. There are several types of items that can be made in Valheim, ranging from simple tools to various stations such as a cooking station, a forge and a foundry. Probably the first and most important thing players will want to do is the Workbench, which will allow them to craft tools, repair items, and build new structures to upgrade their base. The workbench is versatile, but will need to be updated over time if players want to create better quality items.

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The Workbench update requires players to place three new stations: Chopping Block, Tanning Rack, and Adze. Players will need to unlock crafting recipes for these items, which they can typically obtain by performing various in-game activities. Right now, Valheim is on Steam Early Access, so players can only update the Workbench to Level 4. Future updates may include new Workbench levels that are capable of creating new and better items. Here’s how to update the Workbench at Valheim.

How to update the workbench in Valheim

A player makes weapons on the Valheim workbench.

To update the workbench, players will first need to make sure their bench is located inside. They will then need to unlock and build the following:

  • Level 2: Chopping block
  • Level 3: Tanning rack
  • Level 4: Azuela

They will need to place each of these somewhere near the Workbench to get the upgrade to the corresponding level.

Players can unlock the Chopping Block recipe by find and collect Flint the first time. The Tagus requires 10 wood and 10 flint to build. Once the Chopping Block has been built, players must place it near the Workbench. Although the bench itself must be outside, the Chopping Block can go outside on the other side of the wall from the Workbench. This will continue to count towards the update.

A player enters his base in Valheim

After killing a deer for the first time, players will unlock the recipe for the Tanning Rack. This is a more demanding upgrade, requiring 10 Wood, 15 Flint, 20 Scraps of Leather, and 5 Deerskin. As before, it is not necessary to place it indoors, but must be close to the workbench.

Adze is probably the hardest workbench upgrade to come by. Players must first create a coal furnace and a forge. Forges require coal, and to obtain coal, players need a coal furnace. The charcoal furnace requires 20 stones and 5 cores of assortment to craft, and the forge requires 4 stones, 4 coal, 10 wood, and 6 copper. With those two stations created, players can earn Bronze. You will need 10 wood and 3 bronze in the forge to make Adze. They can then place this upgrade near the workbench to reach level 4.

The distance a player should place the other Workbench items will vary based on their home settings, but players can always check to make sure their update is registering. To do this, they need to click on the workbench after placing the chopping block, tanning rack, or adze. A notice will appear indicating that they have reached a new station level, and the level number will also appear in a star on the right side of the Workbench interface.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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