Humble Choice February Games feature great role-playing games and support youth tech training

If you’re a PC gamer, the Humble Choice Monthly Pack is one of the best deals for adding a variety of games to your collection. For a relatively small monthly or yearly fee, subscribers can choose from a selected selection of 12 games each month, which would cost hundreds of dollars to purchase individually. Players will be able to keep their selections forever, even if they cancel their subscription.

Even better, these packages support Humble’s Charity of the Month. The February package supports Gameheads, an Oakland, CA-based organization that trains and prepares low-income youth and youth of color for careers in the technology and gaming industries, a noble goal that is in line with other initiatives from Humble, like Black Game Developer Fund. . This month’s Humble Choice lineup includes many action and RPG games. Here’s what subscribers should know about this month’s options.

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Outward + The Soroboreans and Outward Soundtrack

Set in the immersive open world of Aurai, Exterior It also incorporates elements of survival into its action-RPG game: players must keep an eye on their needs, such as heat, hunger, and fatigue. Unlike many other fantasy RPGs, Exterior puts players in the shoes of a commoner rather than a nobleman, choosing one of three rival factions that provide different perspectives on the same conflict.

Subscribers who choose Exterior you will also receive your DLC, The Soroboreans, which adds more skills, enchantments, weapons, and dungeons. A download of the game’s soundtrack is also included.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition

The latest in this series of tactical RPGs published on Sega, Valkyria Chronicles 4 tells the story of Commander Claude Wallace, who sets out to fight a continental war alongside his childhood friends. It takes place at the same time as the original game, albeit from a different perspective. Full edition includes all the DLC the game received, adding new story content, missions, and cosmetic items.

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Endless Space 2 – Deluxe Digital Edition

Strategy game fans like Stellaris you will want to try Endless space 2, a game that takes players into a version of the vast and endless expanse of outer space that was once inhabited by a powerful race called Endless. In it, players select one of 12 factions to control, each with its own gameplay, storylines, and technologies. As with previous games, this version contains all DLC released for Endless space 2, which added new stories and factions for players to control.


A chaotic cooperative title from the creators of the popular Overcooked! games, Move brings in the wacky settings and teamwork players have come to expect from those games and transplants them from a kitchen to a moving company. The same as Overcooked!, the objective of this game is simple: take furniture from a house and transport it to a moving truck as quickly as possible. This requires quick thinking and creativity and is a great game to play with friends or challenge your friendships.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Trine 4 is a 2.5D puzzle platformer that tells the story of a troubled prince and the three heroes who set out to save him from his nightmares, which are affecting the real world. The wizard Amadeus, the thief Zoya, and the knight Pontius have their own abilities, and players can switch between them as needed or desired in single player mode. There are multiplayer modes too, including the chaotic Unlimited Mode, which allows players to select the hero they want, regardless of whether or not someone else has chosen them.

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The eight savages

If you like intense survival games, look no further than The eight savages. Set in the frozen wilderness of Alaska, eight plane crash survivors must stay alive as they discover the truth about the mysterious place they have found themselves. Players can go it alone or team up with a group of eight friends or strangers online.

Renovation of the train station

This game is exactly what it sounds like: a simulation title that allows players to restore old and damaged train stations. Renovation of the train station it is ideal for players who want a relaxing game with flexible difficulty. If you want to complete all the tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, you can, but those who simply want to take their time and complete some of the tasks before moving on to the next time can do that too.

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Alternatively, gamers looking for an intense action platformer that takes classic retro gaming concepts and modernizes them should play. Valfaris. The game takes pixel art and metal music and creates a fast-paced galactic adventure in a dark world of polluted environments, where the protagonist Therion sets out to learn the truth of his home’s doomed fate.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest

Set in the World of darkness franchise, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest is a visual novel role-playing game that follows a Polish-American woman who travels to Białowieża to explore her family’s history. Heart of the forest combines board game mechanics, werewolf mythology and contemporary stories of activism in the wake of climate change and ecological catastrophe. It’s a fresh and fascinating perspective on this world, using the supernatural to explore how Rage can be both effective and harmful.

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Untold Lovecraft Stories

Horror fans also have another great option in Untold Lovecraft Stories, a game that combines rogue-lite action, RPG elements and the stories of HP Lovecraft. Players will battle cultists and monsters from the Mythos as they complete challenges, upgrade weapons, and uncover clues in a variety of randomly generated locations as five different characters with their own stats and abilities.

Iris and the giant

Iris and the giant combines a card game, an RPG and a roguelike with a minimalist art style. It tells the story of a girl who faces her demons and allows players to uncover Iris’s memories throughout the game. Iris grows stronger with each attempt as she unlocks new cards and upgrades, and players can build decks to suit their individual play style.

Boomerang Fu

The last option for this month is another colorful and quirky co-op title: Boomerang Fu. A game that is easy to learn but difficult to master, Boomerang Fu makes players fight each other with different foods and drinks using martial arts and a variety of powers, while also avoiding obstacles and traps that make the game incredibly chaotic and fun.

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