Tony Stark pulled off a pretty epic conclusion in the MCU, but are fans really ready to say goodbye to Iron Man? Should Robert Downey Jr. come back or not?

Around the time of Avengers EndgameAt launch, Robert Downey Jr. made it very clear that it would be his last Marvel movie and he was done with the role of Tony Stark. And the movie was a spectacular ending to Tony’s MCU arc, so fans were perfectly happy that Downey ended the day and left that perfect ending intact. Come back for the What if…? series, but that doesn’t really count because it’s all hypothetical.

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There have been all kinds of rumors about Downey possibly reprising the role in main canon. It was also reported that Downey will appear as Tony in the upcoming Black widow movie. The MCU should probably refrain from bringing Tony back, but there are a couple of ways it could work.

10 Shouldn’t Bring It Back – Got the Perfect Swan Song in Endgame

Iron Man drives Thanos away

The most obvious reason why Marvel shouldn’t bring Robert Downey Jr. back is that Tony Stark already got the perfect swan song. Avengers Endgame. Sacrificing himself to save the universe from a cosmic threat was the perfect conclusion to Tony’s story.

Ever since he first donned the suit, he had been tormented by his limitations and the possibility of a villain that the Avengers couldn’t defeat. After using the Infinity Stones to destroy Thanos, Pepper summed up the ending of her arc perfectly: “You can rest now.”

9 How it could work: AI awareness

Tony Stark AI Marvel Comics

In the comics, Tony Stark created an AI to replicate his own consciousness, so that he could live forever. It looked a lot like the cyborg clones created from the social media accounts of the people in it. Black mirror episode “Be Right Back”, with Hayley Atwell from MCU.

This would be a fun way for Downey to reprise his role as Tony without actually playing Tony. I would be playing a fake version of Tony that exists on a computer.

8 Shouldn’t bring it back: the MCU needs to focus on new heroes

Shang Chi cover headline

Of many ways, Spider-Man: Far From Home – the final chapter of “The Infinity Saga” – was a postscript by Avengers Endgame, establishing what a post-Thanos, post-Snap, post-Blip MCU would look like in the next MCU saga.

Infinity Saga was about Iron Man. The new saga that begins with WandaVision you need to focus on new and underdeveloped characters rather than obsessing over established ones whose stories have already been told.

7 How it could work: the multiverse

While the latest MCU saga revolved around the Infinity Stones, the new saga will revolve around the multiverse as characters like Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch tear the space-time continuum into pieces and create cosmic chaos.

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This could lead to the introduction of a Tony Stark from a different universe who didn’t have to die to save the universe from Thanos’ wrath.

6 It shouldn’t bring him back: his successor is already joining the MCU

Riri Williams

Just as Steve Rogers has ceded the title of Captain America to Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff will cede the title of Black Widow to Yelena Belova (and Thor to Jane Foster and Hawkeye to Kate Bishop and so on), Tony Stark’s mantle is on the brink. to pass. to Riri Williams.

Tony in the comics and Downey in real life have endorsed Riri as her successor, and she’s set to join the MCU on an Ironheart series on Disney +.

5 How it could work: prerecorded messages

At Tony’s funeral in Endgame, some of his closest loved ones gather around the living room to see a holographic message he recorded in case he died during Time Heist’s ambitious effort.

It’s possible that when you recorded this message, you recorded a bunch of others, like one for Peter Parker to see when faced with the biggest crisis of his life (i.e. the one he’s about to face in his next solo movie) or one for Morgan. to open when he’s a little older or for a possible successor who turns out to be Riri Williams.

4 Shouldn’t Bring It Back: Downey Should Move On To Other Projects

Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame

Robert Downey Jr. has been concerned about the role of Tony Stark for more than a decade. I could have had a better return to stardom outside of Marvel than Dolittle, but he has many exciting projects on the horizon.

One third Sherlock Holmes The film is in development, and as a producer, Downey now has the freedom to launch any original and ambitious project he wants.

3 How It Could Work: A Supporting Role in Armor Wars

Tony and Rhodey in Iron Man 2

One of the many Marvel series coming to Disney + is Armor wars, in which James Rhodes will deal with Tony’s worst fear – his technology falling into the wrong hands, and Tony’s death will reportedly play a major role in the story.

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In the movies, Rhodey is pretty straightforward and is written thinly. As a series, Armor wars you have the freedom to actually develop the character, and this could involve setting the story in different parts of the MCU timeline, with scenes from Tony and Rhodey’s longtime friendship.

2 I shouldn’t bring it back: Marvel should take character deaths seriously

Iron Man

In the Marvel Comics universe, and in superhero comics in general, dead characters never stay dead. They always resurrect at some point or their death is broadcast and loses its impact. This is fine for comics that produce new stories every week, but movies are different.

With Star Wars Bringing back dead characters from left to right, the MCU must take the deaths of its characters seriously, or the death scenes and the resulting pain will lose their meaning.

one How It Could Work: Flashback Scenes

There have been rumors that Black widow film, set between the events of Civil war Y Infinity war, will feature a cameo from Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. This kind of return can work because it will fill in little gaps in Tony’s arc without undermining the tragedy of his death.

Like Walter White’s surprise appearance in The way, it is possible to bring back an iconic character whose story had a perfect ending in a flashback sequence that doesn’t tarnish the legacy of the original work.

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