Jen Bartel’s Marvel Women’s History Month Variants Recruit Shuri, Black Cat and more

Marvel Comics has revealed the second batch of variant covers for Jen Bartel’s Women’s History Month, hitting comic book stores next month.

Late last month, Marvel Comics announced that it had partnered with artist Jen Bartel for a series of eight variant, fashion-themed covers celebrating Women’s History Month 2021, revealing the first four. The House of Ideas has now revealed the remaining four covers, with characters like Shuri and Black Cat taking center stage.

The first four variants of Bartel’s Women’s History Month star Jen Walters / She-Hulk (Avengers # 43), Patsy Walker / Hellcat (Iron Man # 7), Cindy Moon / Seda (Silk # 1) and Emma Frost (X Men # 19). Meanwhile, this new batch features Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman on the variant cover of Spider woman # 10, Shuri / Aja-Adanna in Black Panther # 24, Felicia Hardy / Black Cat in Black cat # 4 and Kushala / Demon Rider in King in Black: Ghost Rider # 1. Much like the first batch, these variants see their cover stars sporting their most stylish outfits, which are based on the era when each respective character first debuted.

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Marvel has also revealed the full list of release dates for each issue featuring one of Bartel’s variants. These comics will appear throughout the month of March, starting with Avengers # 43 on March 3. Iron Man # 7 and Spider woman # 10 Arrives March 17, Followed By Black Panther # 24 on March 24. Finally, Black cat # 4, King in Black: Ghost Rider # one, Silk # 1 and X Men # 19 arrives on March 31st.

“I feel very fortunate to have been able to work on this, and I am very grateful that the people at Marvel trusted me to put my own spin on it,” Bartel said. “A huge thank you to my editor Emily Newcomen on that especially; when I first pitched the idea of ​​incorporating fashion styles from the year of each character’s debut, she was completely supportive and her enthusiasm helped drive the direction everyone took. I love drawing superheroes, but it feels very special to be able to represent them in ‘civilian’ clothing, especially knowing that the styles I chose are directly related to each character’s story. “

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