Jujutsu Kaisen: the age of all the main characters

The characters of Jujutsu Kaisen They are of different ages depending on their positions in the Technical School of Jujutsu. The main group of characters are freshmen, working sophomores in the tournament. But faculty members range in their twenties and much, much more.

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The cursed spirits also vary in age and many have unknown ages, such as Mahito, whose age is unknown. This shonen anime, like most, features a set of main characters in their teens, perfect for a possible timeskip in the future of the series.

10 Kiyotaka Ijichi –26 years

Kiyotaka Ijichi

Kiyotaka Ijichi is one of the faculty members of the Tokyo school and often deals with many of the characters. Kiyotaka is 26 years old, but she definitely looks a lot older. For one thing, he’s younger than most of the rest of the staff, but his gaunt appearance makes him look more like a character in his 40s. This is probably due to the fact that Kiyotaka is very overworked and often stressed.

Throughout his time on the show, he has been like a father figure to Yuji and always tries to take care of him and keep him safe, while still looking scared about what will happen. His sunken cheeks and tired eyes mean he probably needs a vacation.

9 Kento Nanami –27 years

Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen using his vote in overtime.

Kento Nanami, like Kiyotaka, is also a character who appears to be a bit older than he really is. Nanami is only one year older than Kiyotaka at 27 years old.

The fact that he looks a bit older than he looks makes perfect sense with his character archetype – being the overworked wizard who can’t wait to get off work and almost refuses to work overtime. He is absolutely serious and stoic and the true definition of a businessman.

8 Panda – Unconfirmed, but probably 17

jujutsu kaisen secondary character panda

Although Panda’s age is not officially confirmed, he is probably the same age as his second-year peers, which puts him at 17 years old. It is unknown if cursed corpses, even those in the form of pandas, age differently than humans, but with one of the more recent episodes being released, it looks like he could be roughly the same age.

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Panda was created by Tokyo faculty member Masamichi Yaga, who is 47 years old, and served as the first-year lead in the prequel series. Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School. Even if Panda is not 17 years old like the rest of them, it can be assumed that he is mentally about the same age.

7 Toge Inumaki – 17 years

jujutsu kaisen minor character Toge Inumaki

Toge Inumaki is a second year student at Jujustu Technical School at age 17. The school is officially called Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, but it is abbreviated as Tokyo Jujutsu High; The fact that the school is called university confuses many fans into believing that all students are actually older than them, assuming Jujutsu Tech is already a university. But actually, it is listed as a technical school but it is structured like a high school.

High school in Japan lasts three years compared to four in the US, and second years are typically 16-17 years old. Jujutsu Tech works the same way, with graduation after the third year. It is called technical school as it focuses on a specific “trade” (being a Jujutsu Wizard) rather than general education or awarding degrees in specific fields like a university.

6 Maki Zenin – 17 years

Like Inumaki, Maki is also 17 years old and in a second year with him, Panda, and Yuta Okkotsu, who is still overseas in the anime.

Maki is Mai’s older twin sister, who studies at Kyoto’s sister school and while she can’t actually see the cursed energy, she’s determined to surpass her own capabilities and strives to become one of the best sorceresses out there. Maki is definitely the brain of the group and the other sophomores and freshmen often mention her more than anyone else.

5 Nobara Kugisaki – 15 years

Nobara Kugisaki is one of the three main characters who joined Yuji and Megumi as a new first year at the Jujutsu Tech location in Tokyo and she was determined to leave her small town living for something greater.

Nobara is currently 15 years old on the series, and her birthday landed on August 7, making her younger than Yuji by five months and older than Megumi by four months. Nobara truly cares about both his looks and his strength and aspires to excel at both feats. Her hair is dyed orange which also matches her eyes.

4 Megumi Fushiguro –15 years

jujutsu kaisen supporting character Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro is another first year student along with Nobara and Yuji and is probably 15 years old. His birthday lands on December 22, making him the youngest student currently at Jujutsu Tech. Although his birthday, along with Yuji’s, is actually unconfirmed, it is likely that all third years are 15.

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Nobara is the only one with a confirmed age of 15 years, but considering some of the arcs and past situations, he places Yuji and Fushiguro also at 15, the oldest is possibly 16 years old. But with the idea of ​​schools starting in the spring semester in Japan, and everyone coming together a bit after a new school year began with Yuji’s initial story, it is likely that Fushiguro turned 15 shortly before joining. Jujutsu Tech.

3 Sukuna: more than 1,000

Sukuna is the king of curses and is an ancient and powerful being that has been plaguing the world for generations. It is said in legend that Sukuna was a demon during the main era of sorcery, which was a thousand years ago.

This makes him at least a thousand more life than he had before becoming the powerful demon that he was. His body could not be completely destroyed, from which came his 20 fingers that would have the power to completely resurrect him.

2 Yuji Itadori –15 years

Itadori Yuji Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori is the main protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen and he’s probably a 15-year-old freshman who joins Jujutsu Tech alongside Nobara and Fushiguro. Yuji’s birthday is March 2, which is just the beginning of a new school year as they begin in the spring around the first few weeks of January.

This means that Yuji will likely turn 16 within the first few months of his new school, so he may already be 16 right now in the anime and manga.

one Satoru Gojo –28 years

Satoru Gojo Jujutsu Kaisen without mask

Satoru Gojo is definitely the most popular character in the series and is Yuji, Fushiguro, and Nobara’s mentor. Gojo is 28 years old in the series and his specific birthday is December 7, 1989. Due to the fact that Gojo looks younger and more like his age, Nanami and Kiyotaka appear older for their age.

Gojo was also a student at Jujustu Tech, along with two other students who are also his age, but seem young like him and unlike the other two entrepreneurs. Gojo is so beloved that he even became one of the most popular anime characters of 2020.

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