Justice League: 10 Things to Expect in Snyder’s Cut

The Snyder Cut, which now launches on HBO Max, has been the buzz among DC fans since the theatrical release of League of Justice. Fans disappointed in the theatrical cut have been clamoring to see what Zack Snyder’s original vision would have been for the team and how it would have related to his larger imagined universe.

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The theatrical cut, with problematic and controversial re-filming, left fans dissatisfied. Now with the new release, complete with updated effects, intact original vision, and more, there’s a lot to look forward to regardless of any opinions on the previous film. Here are some things fans can look forward to when the release hits HBO Max on March 18, 2021.

10 Darkseid returning

Darkseid from Justice League Snyder Cut

Darkseid’s innuendo began in Batman vs. Superman and I felt fallen in the original League of Justice. Batman sees the symbol in his Knightmare world, but it never materializes beyond Steppenwolf’s final showdown. Fans never saw Darkseid, the team never found or mentioned him beyond a passing note, and he felt lost.

Now, in Snyder’s version, Darkseid’s story is back, with the villain, played by Ray Porter, set to make his appearance.

9 The rating is going up

This version has been given an R rating which implies that there is likely to be more violence and probably more curses, something that is only hinted at to a lesser extent in the theatrical cut.

Given the overall darker tone in this world, the rating makes a lot more sense, not to mention the possibility of a much more visceral approach to the accident and the resurrection of Victor Stone as Cyborg. This also allows for an additional level to the final showdown with Steppenwolf and the true terror that is Darkseid.

8 A more connected story


The ‘Snyder-verse’ that started with Iron Man, tied to Batman vs. Superman, and was supposed to continue with League of Justice, had continuous and connected stories, including the Knightmare world that Bruce had a vision of in Batman vs. Superman. A world that The Flash appeared in the future to help Bruce prevent it.

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This idea never truly manifested beyond vision nor did it connect much in League of Justice. With the cut restored and more appearances of the Knightmare vision, there’s a chance to put the overall story back together in a way that could connect all the movies.

7 Original Superman story

CGI mustache removal does not need to be applied here. The original Superman story looked very different in the original Snyder version. It was darker, his role in the final battle was different, he had a black suit. In the end, most, if not all, were cut or shot again.

With all of this now restored, including the suit, it will be interesting to see how Snyder’s original plan for Superman comes to fruition. And since many of them will be new to fans and audiences, it will be like watching a new and completely different movie.

6 Iris West and characters added

Iris West and much of The Flash’s backstory, plus a brief recap, were removed from the theatrical release. What was left in the Justice League was mainly there to give the public an idea of ​​who he was. The basics were there, his father was in prison for his mother’s murder and Barry lived alone and tried to understand his powers. But that was it.

Now, Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons, is back and her scenes are restored along with much of Barry Allen’s backstory. But she is not the only one. Ryan choi, The Atom, will also be making an appearance in STAR Labs. The installation itself, and Silas Stone, will also have more scenes and will also be more involved in the story.

5 More Aquaman!

League of Justice was released preAquaman, so fans hadn’t yet been fully introduced to the world of Arthur and his origins when the team’s movie took place. However, entire scenes were cut from the finished product that would have been more related to his movie and who this character was.

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Not only the public will be able to see Aquaman get his armor, rather than him just showing up with it, but there will be more explanations about Atlantis, Arthur’s backstory, and his own motivations, which were either missing or severely cut off in League of Justice.

4 And more Cyborg

Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Justice League

Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was heavily cut League of Justice and most of his scenes were re-recorded during the controversial reruns. But now, there is a lot of new content that fans can look forward to with Cyborg, including Victor’s life before and after the accident.

Not only will the public reach see the full story, including Victor’s football career, but you will also witness Cyborg learn to use his new abilities, and what the Mother Boxes are all about and why Cyborg is so connected to them beyond helping his father create it. With these additions, Victor’s journey to the team and as a hero is back in place and will provide a linear and emotional story that fans can look forward to finally seeing.

3 Wonder Woman Vs Steppenwolf

The ending of Steppenwolf is rumored to be very different from the final showdown in the theatrical cut, with Wonder Woman doing a lot more in terms of dispatching it. Her struggle with Steppenwolf and her arc of finding her own role as a hero in the modern world is part of her journey in League of Justice, but the fight with Steppenwolf is something that she sees as a responsibility and that ultimately didn’t feel as weighted as it should.

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With Snyder’s cut restoring the darker and more violent feel, there’s a chance that Wonder Woman will dispatch Steppenwolf in a way that Snyder originally envisioned and that would get fans cheering.

2 That random family is gone

One thing that was odd in the theatrical cut was the addition of a Russian family caught by Parademons and then saved in the final fight, specifically by The Flash as they tried to drive away in their truck. While this was done during the reshoots, it ultimately left a lot of people confused as to the meaning of his presence.

But now, with changes in the final fight, they were completely cut and the original ideas were incorporated back into the finished product.

one It’s a four hour epic

With a longer runtime, you get more details, side stories, and exploration of themes, backstories, and motivations. This is not just a two hour movie cut out of three with missing patches, this is an extended four hour epic that will take its time to build the characters, the team, the world and tell a complete story. .

The full runtime allows a breathing space to let the world settle, for characters to enjoy their moments in the sun, and for a final showdown that takes it another level.

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