King in Black: Return of the Valkyries brings an ancient Asgardian back to action

The latest issue of “Return of the Valkyries” brings an ancient warrior into battle against the symbiote king Knull.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for King in Black: Return of the Valkyries # 2 by Jason Aaron, Torunn Grønbekk, Nina Vakueva, Tamra Bonvillain and Joe Sabino from VC, on sale now.

When the symbiote god Knull landed on Earth, he almost immediately removed the defensive line planned by the Avengers. Ever since the King in Black took over many of the top heroes, including Captain America and Storm, the good guys left have been looking everywhere for allies. This has been pulling a lot of characters, both good and bad, out of the woodwork to join the ranks against Knull.

Jane Foster, in her current role as Valkyrie, has been putting together a team of former Valkyries to help out in the fight. He ran into a former Valkyrie who got lost in some kind of purgatory. After saving her, Jane traveled to Asgard to find Hildegarde, one of the first and greatest Valkyries. Lady Sif, the All-Seer, informed Jane that Hildegarde was already on Earth because a war of heroes and gods against unspeakable monsters with a minimal chance of survival is “her thing”.

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Of all people, Sif would understand the warrior Hildegarde. The two met for the first time in Thor # 195, by Gerry Conway and John Buscema, published in 1972. During this time in the comics, Sif was a lady from Asgard who only looked forward to her wedding, not the thrill of battle. Odin accused Hildegarde of escorting Sif to another world, protecting her while Thor was on a dangerous mission. Hildegarde bravely faced the knights and monsters who tried to harm her, without hesitation or backing down. When she was overpowered, Hildegarde told Sif to pick up a weapon and pull her weight, awakening a battle spirit in Sif that stayed with her and then turned her into a formidable warrior. Hildegarde’s indomitable spirit is contagious to everyone around her, even once upon a time to women like Sif.

The two women finally reunited with Thor. Hildegarde was not intimidated or impressed by Thor or Warriors Three, Thor’s closest allies. He stood his ground in battle in the face of experienced fighters and claimed his own place alongside Warriors Three.

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However, it is more than her prowess with a sword or ax that she brings to the table, Hildegarde is as resourceful as the rest of the heroes. When fighting alongside Spider-Man, she referred to him as Spider-Boy. Of course, he corrected that her name was “man” and not “boy”, but she replied jokingly that the man “must have a different meaning in Midgard”. One of his most memorable moments was that of Aaron, Torunn Grobekk and Ramon Rosanas. Valkyrie: Jane Foster # 10 when he told an angry Tyr that he might be the god of war but that she was the “goddess of who didn’t give a damn.”

It makes perfect sense that Jane wanted Hildegarde to join the ranks against Knull, so she followed her to Earth. Upon arrival, Jane encountered another former Valkyrie, Dani Moonstar, who was trying to kill one of Knull’s dragons. The two warriors turn to face the dragon when a third figure leaped out and attacked the dragon: Hildegarde. Joining his companions, he looked at the dragon and asked if they should take down the “pee” thing. Although Hildegarde may not stand out as much as other characters, she is someone who would be a great help in a fight, she never tires and keeps everyone on their toes. She maintains momentum against enemies, no matter how many times she has been hit, and has proven herself a warrior among warriors on more than one occasion.

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