Klaus from the Vampire Diaries was destined to die at first

Joseph Morgan, who played Klaus in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, revealed that the beloved antagonist was supposed to die early on.

Joseph Morgan, who played Klaus in The vampire diaries, has revealed the original intention of a short-lived story arc for the beloved villain. The character ended up getting his own spin-off, The originals, which aired for five seasons.

Joseph Morgan first appeared as Niklaus “Klaus” Mikaelson in season 2 of The vampire diaries. Klaus started out as the main antagonist of TVD, originally coming to Mystic Falls to break a curse it harbored, an act that involved capturing and killing the protagonist, Elena. Although things don’t go according to plan, during his entire stay in Mystic Falls, he mostly brings chaos and bloodshed. Nonetheless, the charm, wit, and often hidden tender side of Klaus, who is only really shown to a budding love interest, Caroline, quickly made him a fan favorite of the TVD characters, despite their nefarious intentions. Morgan’s charisma and Klaus popularity led the antagonist to become the lead in his own spinoff TV show. The originals. The originals meets Klaus, who, in addition to belonging to the original vampire family, is also the first werewolf-vampire hybrid, in New Orleans, a city his family helped build, to defuse the tension in the supernatural world that his protected created while he was away.

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However, in a recent interview with Tommy DiDario, Joseph Morgan revealed that Klaus was supposed to be no more than four episodes, let alone get his own spinoff show. Morgan admits that although he signed a contract that could have tied him to the show for several years, he had no expectations of being there for that long and expected to be killed at the end of season three. This is surprising considering Klaus’ indelible mark on the original vampire franchise. In the interview, he credits fans’ enthusiasm for the character and his enjoyment of portraying Klaus as what led to his extended stay and subsequent spin-off, explaining:

“… From the beginning, it was always thought that Klaus would die at the end of the third season. So I would enter the end of the second season, the third would be my big season of being this villain for the entire season. And then the good guys. they’d beat me at the end of season three. That’s what I wanted too, because it wasn’t my show and I was like, ‘Well this is great, I can jump out of this and try to get mine to show and keep building my profile and using this. as part of that. ‘Then a few things happened. One was, of course, the degree of passion with which the fans responded to the character and the other was that I was having a lot of fun playing [him] And I always felt like there wasn’t enough room for the character to grow on the Vampire Diaries stage. “

The Welsh actor does not underestimate the role of fans in Klaus’ longevity, adding that it was the passionate support and enthusiasm of fans for a spinoff centered on the original vampire family that led to the actors, and the creator Julie Plec, to really see as a possibility. Although the world of Mystic Falls continues in current spin-off Legacies, which centers on Klaus ‘daughter Hope, Klaus’ story ended in The originals. More recent, TVD Y Originals fans could find Morgan in the 2020 sci-fi tv series Brave new world based on the classic 1930s dystopian novel of the same name by Aldous Huxley. Brave new world it was canceled after a stint on Peacock.

While fans would delight in seeing Klaus one more time, if anything as a LegaciesMorgan has publicly stated his hesitancy to make a cameo in the new spinoff. Although, if anything is clear in Morgan’s account of The originals’ origins, is that audiences have more power in the future of their favorite characters and franchises than they might think. Fans continue to celebrate the villain-turned-hero’s long and satisfying redemption arc. Fan edits and montages of character moments continue to be made throughout the franchise and continue to garner millions of views on social media platforms, particularly YouTube. Perhaps with enough support, fans of The vampire diaries The franchise may bring Klaus to your screens once again.

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Source: Tommy DiDario

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