Knives Out: the main characters, ranked by sympathy

By Rian Johnson Knives out It was one of the most enjoyable and playable movies of recent times. Murder Mystery had a blast paying homage to the sexy genre while subverting many of its expectations. But the best aspect of the film was its star-studded ensemble.

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The colorful characters that make up this story add so much to the film and elevate it beyond a simple detective story. The movie also has fun playing with who audiences might think are the good guys and bad guys, leading to some characters that are easy to cheer on and others that are fun to hate.

10 Rescue

Chris Evans as Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out

Given how noble and heroic Chris Evans is as Captain America in the MCU, it’s surprising to see him play the least likable character in any movie. But Evans was clearly having a ball playing against the guy as the bossy, spoiled, nefarious Ransom Drysdale.

Even before appearing in the movie, Ransom doesn’t look very good. She is the black sheep of the family who treats “help” deplorably and hopes to float through life thanks to her heritage. In the end, it is revealed that Ransom is much worse as he plans to murder his grandfather, successfully murders Fran, and attempts to frame Marta for it.

9 Richard

Richard Drysdale

Richard Drysdale is Ransom’s father and Linda’s husband. Although he chides Ransom for his spoiled behavior, he is as fat as he depends on his wife’s fortune.

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It is also revealed that Richard was having an affair behind Linda’s back and tried to threaten his father when he found out. In general, Richard is an ignorant man who pretends to be affectionate but actually harbors hateful and narrow-minded political beliefs.

8 Jacob

Jacob is the youngest member of the Thrombey family and one of the most baffling. He doesn’t say much throughout the movie as he’s constantly on his phone. However, the rest of the family say he has some disturbing far-right beliefs and Richard even says, “The boy is literally a Nazi.”

While Jacob remains in the background for much of the film, once it is revealed that Marta is the sole heir to her grandfather’s fortune, he throws some vile and racist insults at her, proving that her family was right about her. behavior.

7 Joni

joni thrombey

Along with Harlan Thrombey’s two living children, she also had a son who died prior to the events of the film. Joni Thrombey is his widow and remains close to the family. However, it seems that he is only doing it to profit from the money.

It is revealed that Joni had been stealing money from Harlan and claiming it was intended for her daughter’s college payments. When Marta obtains the inheritance, Joni tries to make her daughter Meg, Marta’s friend, turn against her.

6 Walt

Walt Thrombey is Harlan’s youngest son and helps run the publisher, although he actually works very little. However, Walt also wants to cash in on his father’s name and keeps pressuring him to sell the rights to his books.

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Although Walt also treats Marta like family, he quickly changes his mind when she receives all of Harlan’s money. Walt still pretends to be a friendly and understanding person, while also subtly threatening to expose Marta’s mother as an undocumented immigrant.

5 Pretty

Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out

Linda Drysdale is Harlan Thrombey’s eldest daughter and appears to step in as head of the family after his death. She claims to be a self-made woman, despite receiving a lot of help from her father. But unlike some of the other members of the family, she had no hidden secrets that Harlan discovered. In fact, she seemed to be very close to her father and really misses him.

Despite all that, Linda is still driven by greed. She acts friendly with Marta at first, but when her money is threatened, she becomes the most vocal and terrifying voice against her.

4 Meg

Meg Thrombey is Joni’s daughter and someone who seems quite different from the rest of the family. She sees herself as a caring person and goes out of her way to show her support for Marta and the rest of the household staff.

When Marta is named heir to Harlan’s fortune, Meg initially thinks that the family should respect Harlan’s wishes. That changes when she learns that her mother can’t afford Meg’s college on her own. Meg’s kind nature disappears when she tells the family about Marta’s mother, though she quickly regrets it.

3 Harlan

Although he is dead at the beginning of the movie, Harlan Thrombey is a very important part of this story. He is a famous mystery novelist who has supported his family for many years before growing weary of their deception and greed.

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Harlan is shown to have an extremely close bond with Marta and is willing to die to protect her. When he thinks he’s been given a lethal dose of morphine, Harlan’s only concern is making sure Marta is not blamed for this and commits suicide to keep her safe.

2 Benoit blanc

Johnson has spoken about his desire to follow Detective Benoit Blanc into other mysteries, and given how likable a character is, it’s hard not to get excited at the prospect. Blanc is a famous gumshoe investigating the death of Harlan Thrombey.

Although compelled by the facts of the case, he is not a cold or emotionally isolated detective like Sherlock Holmes, but rather recognizes the good in people and seeks to punish those who have done evil.

one Martha

Knives out It sets itself apart from other murder mysteries by showing the audience what happened to the death early in the film and showing that it is Harlan’s nurse, Marta Cabrera, who is to blame. However, even this is not what it seems.

Although she seems to have made a terrible mistake, she is not a self-centered person who only cares about saving herself. In fact, Marta still thinks of others first even when she’s at risk. In the end, it is revealed that she is a good nurse who did everything she was supposed to do. Despite being surrounded by horrible people, Marta remained a good person.

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