Magneto is saving Charles Xavier on the astral plane in Heroes Reborn

In Heroes Reborn’s Magneto and the Mutant Force, Magneto assembles a new team of X-Men to save his undead friend Charles Xavier from the astral plane.

Once Upon a time, magnet Y Professor Charles Xavier they were poles apart with respect to the mutant species and what effect higher Homo should have on Earth. Their ideological differences were passed on to their corresponding teams, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the X-Men. Although their mutual but conflictual friendship has been repaired after the creation and rule of the mutant island nation Krakoa, it appears that the next Heroes reborn The event will take them in a different but familiar direction. In this alternate reality without the Avengers, Magneto must assemble a team of X-Men to help recover the not-so-deceased Professor X, who has been trapped in the astral plane for years.

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Originally, Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus Lensherr met and discussed their views on the emerging mutant population, revealing their powers to each other. When their differences became too great, they left only to meet years later as Magneto and Professor X, when their “students” put their philosophies to the test. Although they were still enemies, they both shared a genuine concern for one another with little hesitation in coming to the other’s aid if necessary. This version of their friendship and rivalry has been reinterpreted across various timelines and dimensions and the current state of the X-Men has seen them united once again in their vision for the protection and destiny of mutant humanity.

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At Heroes reborn, the lack of the Avengers leaves the world in a very different place, one where Magneto and Professor X led the mutants to press for independence against the world’s premier superhero team, the Supreme Squad of America. What happened as a result became known as the Mutant Squad Massacre, a violent event that forever broke the spirit of the mutants as their losses included Charles Xavier. Five years later, Magneto learns that Charles did not die but that his spirit is trapped in the astral plane. The Master of Magnetism assembles a new team of mutant superheroes to save his friend. In Marvel’s official press release, writer Steve Orlando said: “Jason and Ed’s world shows us just how fundamental the Avengers are in their absence, and for Magneto and his Mutant Force, the fight for mutant freedom is more deadly than ever. This one-shot is a rescue mission. Goal? Hope for Mutantkind. It’s a surreal journey into Magneto’s mind, gathering mutants from the early days of X-MEN and up to the present. ” Check out the cover drawn by Marvel artist Nick Bradshaw:

Orlando and the story of artist Bernand Chang invokes memories of Era of apocalypse and the House of M, two popular Marvel parallel timelines where Charles Xavier’s absence had notable, even catastrophic effects. In the first, Charles’s death allowed the mighty Apocalypse to take over Earth, with a guilty Magneto replacing the leader of the X-Men, trying in vain to honor his friend’s sacrifice even from a wheelchair in a Given moment. In the latter, Charles’s absence was noted in a memorial garden in a universe rewritten by the Scarlet Witch to be ruled by mutants, explaining that he died in lieu of the infamous Genoshan genocide. While both timelines were reversed and ceased to be Marvel’s permanent future, this only strengthens Xavier’s importance to the concept of the mutant species and the kind of enduring relationships he can establish despite his track record of decisions and motivations. questionable.

With Heroes reborn, Marvel has the opportunity to explore what if they are known, but in a completely different and creative direction. While Magneto and the mutant force # 1 boasts an optimistic rescue mission, his enemies in Supreme Squad, like Hyperion on the cover, could complicate matters. And it will only get harder if magnet and his new team meets the other most infamous resident of the astral plane, the King of Shadows. One can hope that their mission will save Professor Xavier goes well, as the Heroes reborn Reality seems desperately in need of good news.

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