MCU theory: Chris Evans returns to cast new Captain America

Chris Evans’ rumored return to the MCU could be a perfect opportunity for Steve Rogers to properly pass the mantle of Captain America.

With rumors abound about Chris Evans’ return to the MCU as Captain America, you may be able to reprise the role of Steve Rogers specifically to choose his successor. Although he left the iconic shield with Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), aka Falcon, it’s unclear if his friend will actually take on the role of Captain America. As The Falcon and the Winter Soldier approaching its Disney + debut, the future of the Captain America name could go a number of different ways.

As one of the original Avengers from Phase 1, Evans’s Cap remained one of the MCU’s key players throughout the entire Infinity Saga. He received a beautiful cap (no pun intended) on his bow at the end of Avengers: Endgame, traveling back in time to spend the rest of his life with agent Peggy Carter. That seemed to be the end of Evans’s version of Rogers on screen, but now it looks like he could return if the rumors are to be believed.

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If he does return, it could be so Rogers can help pick the new Captain America. The hero’s name is bigger than a man in the Marvel universe, it is a symbol of what Steve and the Avengers have stood for. Given that Sam seems hesitant to pick up the shield himself (confirmed by Anthony Mackie) and there are other candidates available, a return of the original MCU Captain America could help pass the mantle to a new hero.

Everything we know about Chris Evans’ Captain America return

old steve rogers captain america

Reports of Chris Evans’ possible return as Captain America came from Deadline, which stated that the actor was in talks to return for a future MCU project with the possibility open for a second appearance later on. According to the report, Disney and Evans were close to reaching an agreement or had already agreed to it. Evans appeared to respond to the rumors with a tweet that simply read “News to me” with a shrugging emoji, though that didn’t convince fans that the alleged deal lacked credibility.

The report has yet to be officially confirmed, leaving other details subject to speculation. That means the retaliation could be anything from a flashback appearance, to an alternate timeline, to a cameo by old Steve Rogers. Many theories have been launched in recent weeks since the report was broken, with many possibilities on the table if the deal goes through. Given that Cap’s core story was already told in Infinity Saga, any future appearances are likely to be minor. Flashbacks are certainly an option, but a brief retaliation from old Steve Rogers would fit nicely with the ongoing MCU storylines for Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

MCU phase 4 is all about passing the torch

MCU Phase 4 gives the original Avengers their own teams

In the wake of Thanos’ snap and the ensuing Time Heist, Marvel has reverted to a less centralized structure for Phase 4 of the MCU. In many ways, the new era seems to be a time of passing the torch, both narratively and in the franchise. Former supporting characters like Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Bucky, and Loki have their own shows. New characters like Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight are looming on the horizon. And many of the series’ most established characters are bringing companions or successors to continue their stories, like Kate Bishop in Hawkeye and Jane Foster in Thor: love and thunder.

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Captain America already had a moment to pass the torch at the end of Endgamebut it was both a goodbye to his character and a welcoming moment for the next in line. Bucky and Sam will try to carry on their friend’s legacy as two of tomorrow’s heroes, a theme song for their upcoming show, but neither of them will have donned the Captain America title or symbol by then. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier begins. If Marvel has any plans to continue Cap’s legend in its future plans, Steve should return to help select and guide his direct successor in a more concrete way than his own. Endgame final.

Another Captain America in the comics

Captain America Bucky Barnes Sam Wilson

In the Marvel comics, many different characters have adopted Captain America’s name and outfit. Steve Rogers is obviously the most famous and enduring, but both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes have donned the Captain America mantle in recent comic strips. The MCU is clearly taking those stories as inspiration for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but it is unclear which hero will take the shield as his own. Anthony Mackie has rejected assumptions that Falcon will become Captain America in the next series, which will likely focus on both men dealing with Steve Rogers’ legacy and how they both carry their burden.

Chris Evans may elect the new Captain America again

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes holding Captain America's shield

If the Winter Soldier or Falcon will successfully turn Captain America, they’ll need a little nudge and an extra vote of confidence. The only man who can give them that is Steve Rogers himself, and it would be the perfect way to bring Chris Evans’ version of the character back to the MCU, even if only briefly. Of course, since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It’s almost here, and the report of Evans’ deal with Disney just came out, it may not appear in the miniseries.

Does that mean he can’t fill the role of kingmaker for the next Captain America? Absolutely not. There’s no guarantee that Sam or Bucky will walk away armed with the shield at the end of their handful of episodes together, especially since their story seems to be largely about carrying Steve Rogers’ legacy together. There are many more opportunities for Evans to come back and offer some guidance to the next generation in Armor wars, Secret invasion, or whatever the next big crossover movie is. Whatever form his comeback takes, it should be fun for fans to see Evans’s beloved turn as Captain America.

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