Mechagodzilla and 9 other best references in Ready Player One

Ready Player One It was billed as a movie literally built on pop culture references, and this could make or break it for viewers. Putting aside the actual reception of the movie, RPO Without a doubt, it has the most pop culture references ever seen in a blockbuster.

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Whether the audience likes the movie or not, it’s fun to flick through it Ready Player One’s incredibly dense crowd shots and battles to spot a Star Wars ship or Tracer from Supervision. However, these references rise to the top for some special reasons.

10 Now showing: Jack Slater III

Ready Player One Jack Slater

Ready Player One it’s loaded with so many pop culture references that even now they are found new every time a viewer stops the movie. One of the darkest spots appears at the beginning of the first challenge, and it is a reference to a movie in a movie.

When players race through urban landscape race tracks, a movie theater has a marquee that clearly announces Jack Slater III – the fictional movie franchise that is critical to The ultimate action hero. In the universe, Jack slater stars in an airhead parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the eponymous cop, who is more walking stereotype than action hero.

9 Antioch’s holy hand grenade and tons of weaponry

Ready Player One Hand Grenade

In terms of video game logic, most Ready Player One’s The action is a first-person shooter (FPS) game, so players can see many iconic weapons from pop culture in the hands of the players. Some examples include: Aliens M14 pulse rifle, the Draft Railgun EM-1, the Krull Glaive and Robocop’s Automatic automatic nozzle 9.

The best armed reference is the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which Parzival buys after ranking up and uses in the weather warfare. Interestingly, it is just a grenade with a wide area of ​​effect and an ethereal sound effect; Parzival doesn’t even say a sentence or count to three like King Arthur did.

8 Chucky becomes a useful item and other horror icons

Ready Player One Chucky

Before superheroes, horror movie monsters were arguably the most recognizable pop culture characters. This led to them getting cameos in the film, including Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Monsters from the film also appeared, such as the Alien Chestburster and the Gremlins. Meanwhile, King Kong and the Jurassic Park T-Rex serve as barricades in the opening race.

The best use of a horror movie character was Child’s play Chucky, who is not an avatar but a thrown object. In the Battle of the OASIS, Parzival throws Chucky at the Innovative Online Industries (IOI) goons and marks a streak of kills. This also leads to the movie’s F-bomb (“It’s Chucky!”), Which was masterfully deployed.

7 The DeLorean DMC-12 and more famous attractions

Ready Player One DeLorean

The cool vehicles in pop culture are practically characters unto themselves, giving the countless vehicular cameos in Ready Player One more nostalgic than even video game characters. Some classic attractions include: Cowboy bebop’s Swordfish 2, the Mad max V8 interceptor, Speed ​​racer’s Mach 5, a Martian ship from 1953 War of the Worlds, and more.

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The most prominent is Return to the future DeLorean DMC-12, which is Parzival’s primary mode of transportation and commute. While it doesn’t travel back in time or bring Doc Brown and Marty McFly in at any point, the DeLorean is one of Parzival’s most used items. Besides looking absolutely cool, it’s nice to see the DeLorean on the big screen after all these years.

6 Nolan Sorrento is the evil Superman

Ready Player One Superman

Unsurprisingly, Superman is referenced at least once here. The most obvious was Parzival’s Clark Kent costume, while IOI CEO Nolan Sorrento uses a poorly dressed and stylish Clark Kent as his avatar (the hair gives him away). This sounds like the perfect gateway for comments on how soulless corporations twist fictional icons for their own gain, but nothing comes of it.

This went unnoticed due to little attention Ready Player One gave it, which is strange since Warner Brothers (DC Comics film partner) produced it; copyright would not have been a problem. That, and Superman is literally the most beloved superhero ever created.

5 Parzival recreates saying anything

Ready Player One Say Anything

Many films are visually named or honored (see: Parzival’s The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai costume), but none are mentioned or recreated in the way that Do not say anything I was. The first time John Cusack’s romantic comedy is mentioned was in the second challenge, where it was one of the wrong answers on the multiple-choice question.

The second is just as the final battle for the OASIS begins, with Parzival directly imitating John Cusack’s famous boombox pose. The only difference is that instead of a cheesy love ballad (ie Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”), Parzival’s radio plays with the proper Twisted Sister blood pumping “We won’t take it.”

4 An updated Mechagodzilla joins the battle

Ready Player One Mechagodzilla

The centerpiece of the final battle was, of course, Mechagodzilla, with a remix of Gojira’s original score, which Nolan uses to lay waste to the attacking players. That being said, this isn’t the same Mechagodzilla from the original Toho movies. The Mechagodzilla was modernized here, showing a new design and additional articulation despite being the smallest Mechagodzilla to date.

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This Mechagodzilla also attracted some controversy, but more for its fighting than anything it did. People opposed Mechagodzilla fighting the Iron Giant, which represents non-violence and rejection of war. Fans felt that what the Iron Giant embodied was deliberately ignored for sweet melee.

3 The original Gundam saves the day

Ready Player One Gundam

In the book, Mechagodzilla fights Ultraman, but due to copyright issues, Ultraman never appeared in the movie. Instead, Mechagodzilla fights the Iron Giant and the RX-78-2 Gundam. In addition to parachuting from Firefly Vonnegut, what makes it special is that this Gundam was the first of its kind, as it starred in the 1979 original. Mobile Suit Gundam anime.

The Gundam does what it did in the book, albeit changing pilots (Aech drove it in the book, while Daito drove it in the movie). Unfortunately, the Gundam had a time limit and disappeared after a minute, but not before Daito destroyed Mechagodzilla. Some joked that the timer beep was the sound that Bandai’s license was running out and not the game nerf.

2 The final battle occurs on Voltron’s planet Doom.

Ready Player One Planet Doom

The third and final challenge sees an army of free players (led by High-5) clash with the Sixers approved by the corporation for control of OASIS. Due to the large number of pop culture references on screen, it is easy to overlook the one reference that is the biggest in a literal sense: Planet Doom from Voltron.

Planet Doom is part of the Drule Empire and is ruled by King Zarkon (above; right), but Ready Player One replaces King Zarkon’s Doom Castle with James Halliday’s Anorak Castle. Also, the book sets their final battle on a planet called Chthonia, which is derived from Greek mythology. To the dismay of Voltron fans, neither Voltron nor King Zarkon’s forces appear in the film.

one The Shining becomes a video game level

The best reference in Ready Player One is the level that revolves around the classic horror The glow. The movie serves as the second challenge, where Parzival and company navigate the Overlook Hotel to find Halliday’s biggest regret. What makes this the best is how prominent it was; if Mechagodzilla had a few minutes at best, The glow master act two.

The level of attention and detail that Steven Spielberg put into faithfully recreating Stanley Kubrick’s legendary film (including visual and musical cues) while incorporating Ready Player One in him it is simply amazing. Additionally, Spielberg’s real-life friendship with Kubrick gives this sequence an extra layer of emotional depth, being a clear tribute on Spielberg’s part.

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