From celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion to popular cosplayers and casual cosplayers, it seems that many fans want to get a piece of Shoto’s style.

One of the emerging characters of success. anime and manga series, My hero academia, is Shoto Todoroki. This UA high school Class 1-A student is training to become a pro hero and is definitely one of the strongest heroes-in-training enlisted in the super school. He has also become a pro at stealing the hearts of fans everywhere, becoming one of the most popular characters in the series.

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This is backed up by the large number of fans clamoring for cosplay Torodoki. From celebrities to popular cosplayers to casual cosplayers, it seems a lot of fans want to get a piece of Shoto’s style and many of them pull it off very well.

10 Frost hot summer girl

todoroki te stallion

Fans of popular music artist Megan Thee Stallion and anime fans completely missed it when the issue of Paper Magazine that featured her on the cover was published and showed her in full Shoto Todoroki cosplay.

Megan has proven many times on social media that she is not only a celebrity, but also an anime fan and has been for a long time. He has even talked about how much My hero academia The series means to her, and she relates a lot to Deku and his journey from zero to hero.

9 A completely new Todoroki

kazzabear todoroki

One great thing that comes with the cosplay base of the world is the new character shots. This can be seen with this female version of Shoto Todoroki by cosplayer, Kazzabear cosplay.

Kazzabear not only disguised Todoroki and delivered a quality look, but put his own spin on it by shortening the sleeves, cutting the pants into shorts, and adding an open neckline. The build quality of this outfit is also incredibly impressive and the hair also offers a new look for Todoroki.

8 A Todoroki fantasy

godkinni todoroki

My hero academia Fans absolutely fell in love when the cast’s alternate universe look was released in a fantasy setting. This, of course, left cosplayers on a mission to make their own version of these new looks.

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Instagram cosplayer, Godkinni, was one of those cosplayers who completely squashed the task of making this new Todoroki look a reality. This incredible build brings the sword with it, making the ice and fire hero look more regal than ever.

7 Daughter of Endeavor

awesome todoroki cosplay

Akakioga he is a cosplayer who is as versatile as he sounds. From Monster hunter to Teen Titans, she has covered a lot of bases when it comes to cosplay. This shows that My hero academia and Genderbend cosplay are no exception.

She delivered a great new version of Todoroki that is to die for. Not only does she have spiky hair, but her confident expression really ties it all together in the best possible way. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her big cosplay, either.

6 A tough combo

remy domino todoroki

One of Shoto Todoroki’s roughest new looks comes from cosplayer, crafter, and fabricator. Remy Domino Cosplay. This Genderbend cosplay comes with a completely new look for Todoroki, bringing a semi-skirt and tons of new head-to-toe bells and whistles into the outfit.

One of the best parts about Domino’s remake of the hero-in-training is the cool expressions he gives the character that completely fit him. Being the My hero As a fan, Domino always comes equipped with her own fire and ice effect parts for Todoroki.

5 How to get Todoroki off the page

kodycos todoroki

A Todoroki cosplay that made a lot of noise with My hero academia the fans came from KodyCos, who did the character a lot of justice as seen with the images from his photoshoot showing him in his incredible cosplay.

He captioned this particular image in the belief that he felt it captured the character’s expression perfectly and that it would be hard to disagree. In fact, many fans believe that he is one of the best to pull off the Todoroki cosplay look.

4 A cold look

MiikHyDeafening todoroki

Cosplayer Miikhy is a Todoroki cosplayer that you don’t want to piss her off as her look is just as intimidating as the one Todoroki offers in the real series.

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His version of Todoroki is equally perfect, with many additions to suit a more feminine look. The paint job on pieces like the belt buckles really pop and helps tie it all together.

3 Ice fire

anto kun cosplay todoroki

Anto-Kun is another cosplayer who tackled the Todoroki style and did it to perfection.

One thing that really ties this photo together is the great effects made up of Vysanthe. Very lifelike looking hair is featured as well, setting this cosplay in a notch above many.

2 Perfect presentation and perfect expression

rainekugami todoroki

Cosplayer Rainekugami He did it amazingly with his amazing version of Todoroki. Not only did he manage to nail his cool, calculated expression, but the pose was spot on as well.

She put a lot of work into finding the makeup for this one and the hard work definitely paid off, with everything looking perfect.

one We had to see it coming

ice cream hot todoroki

The “Icy Hot Todoroki” jokes and comparisons were made, but he made them come true. Cosplayer Businessland.ig loves prank cosplay and this one really shows it.

This cosplay will surely not only help soothe the muscle joints, but it will also tickle the funny bone.

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