Mighty Morphin Power Rangers unmasks the new Green Ranger

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have just discovered the true identity of the mysterious new Green Ranger under the worst possible circumstances.

WARNING: The following contains the main Mighty Morphin # 4 spoilers from Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, Walter Baiamonte, Katia Ranalli and Ed Dukeshire, now on sale.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been on their heads lately, narrowly surviving their encounters with the Dark Rangers and their Terrorzords thanks to the intervention of the mysterious new Green Ranger. While they don’t know who is behind the helmet, they are more than aware of how powerful this Green Ranger is, having seen them take on Lord Zedd and win singlehandedly.

Unfortunately, that earlier victory came at the cost of overloading the Rangers’ most feared nemesis, and Zedd has taken over Angel Grove with his newfound powers. If the Rangers’ hometown ever needed a ray of hope, it needed it now, and the new Green Ranger simply gave the city one by unmasking himself and revealing his identity as the group’s old friend, Matthew Cook in Mighty morphin # 4.

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Matthew Cook Green Ranger

First introduced in 2017 Go Go Power Rangers # 1 By Ryan Parrott, Dan Mora, Raoul Angulo, and Ed Dukeshire, Matthew was originally one of the Rangers’ best friends, and even dated Kimberly for some time, though he was completely unaware of the group’s dual identities. However, their personal relationships were strained under the constant inexplicable disappearances of the Rangers, and things only got worse when Matt was kidnapped and tortured by Rita Repulsa. While Matt was able to escape the villain and return to Earth in one piece, he continued to suffer from the trauma. Matt found out who the Rangers really were and confronted them about it, giving them a chance to open up and win back their support. Due to the Ranger Rules, they were unable to recognize what he already knew, so Matt turned his back on them. However, he eventually reconciled and reconciled as best he could with Kimberly and the others, and has supported them ever since.

Unbeknownst to them, Matthew has been giving the Rangers a lot more support than they recently realized. Since the end of last year, Matthew has appeared as the new Green Ranger to assist the Rangers in the various missions.

After being lured into a trap in Mighty morphin # 4, the Rangers were quickly overpowered by Lord Zedd’s new Chaos Putties, which were fueled by the Green Chaos Energy he had lent to his Dark Rangers and now personally commands. The Green Ranger, who has proven to be more than capable time and time again, had no chance against this latest generation of enemy infantrymen, due to their own reliance on the exact same power source. Once the Rangers finally regrouped, the Putties followed suit, merging to form a terrifying and imposing version of their former self.

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Green Ranger Matthew Cook

Calling up his Megazords didn’t help the Power Rangers much even on the playing field, and the Green Ranger himself suffered another defeat, this time at the hands of Lord Zedd personally. After the Rangers are forced to retreat, Zedd separates Angel Grove from the outside world entirely with an energy barrier and intends to reshape him in his own brutal image.

All the Rangers and their allies can do is watch the green veil fall over the city and fear the worst. The citizens of Angel Grove are used to giant monster attacks, but they are also used to Power Rangers saving the day, which won’t happen anytime soon. Inside the Command Center, Alpha picks up a signal that is sent from within the city, and broadcasts to all places that can receive it. On screen, the Green Ranger introduces himself to the world, imploring the residents of the city to stay inside while he and his companions work to break through the shield behind which they are all trapped. In a show of transparency that has always been rare among the Rangers, he tells people that he, too, is afraid of the situation. He also promises not to abandon them, and to prove it he breaks one of the few firm rules that exist among all Power Rangers by removing his helmet for the public to see.

Now that he has been unmasked as the last Green Ranger to work under Grace Sterling, it seems the Green Ranger has decided to put power in the hands of the people. Matt has been critical of the way the Power Rangers operate in the past, although not as much as Grace herself, so it makes sense that he seizes the opportunity to try to do the right thing in what he believes to be the right thing to do. path. While he’s been a phenomenal new ally for the Mighty Morphin team so far, he’s about to face a public trial for fire in a way few Rangers have before, and the next few days will either break the new Ranger or prepare him for be the next great hero of the team.

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