My Hero Academia: 5 Most Overrated (& 5 Underrated) Quirks

There are Quirks in the MHA world who get too much praise, as well as others who are far more effective than they are credited with.

Quirks are an important part of My hero academia. Since the main character was born without any quirks, he spent some time believing that he could never achieve his goal of becoming a hero. A chance encounter with All Might led him to obtain the much-needed quirk.

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Midoriya may have stumbled upon the quirk that changed her life. As far as everyone knows, everyone else was born with their quirks. Characters in the universe tend to be classified according to the quality of their power. Some of the powers would work well in a fight, but some have drawbacks that outweigh their benefits.

10 Underrated – Invisibility: This quirk could help gain insight into enemies

Anime My Hero Academia Toru Hagakure Invisibility Quirk

Toru Hagakure is known for her invisible nature. Basically, she is unable to be detected while naked, as the clothing does not acquire the property of her invisibility power. Although walking without clothes obviously doesn’t come without its own problems, its powers can be incredibly beneficial as well.

Her invisibility could help her become one of the stealthiest heroes of all time. He could easily spy on any villain. With some martial arts training, he could become almost invincible in a melee fight as his opponents would not be able to hit what they cannot see.

9 Overrated – Pop Off: This quirky wouldn’t be of much help in a fight

Minoru Mineta is in the same year as Midoriya in school. He is small for his age and does not seem that tough in a fight. Minoru’s quirk seems relatively useless in a fight.

Minoru can produce extremely sticky spheres that grow out of its head and can remove one of the spheres. Once removed, another will immediately grow in its place. The power would do little to stop a villain, but Minoru is inexplicably with the best of students anyway.

8 Underrated – Heal – This quirk can help heal allies injured in a fight

My hero academia

Chiyo Shuzenji, also known as Recovery Girl, has one of the most useful quirks in the world of My hero academia. His abilities can be used to help heroes recover from their battle wounds.

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His powers can be used to save lives, although the power costs something. The more you use your power, the weaker you will become physically, which means you will need to be protected or hidden while serving as a team medic. His powers cannot heal all wounds, but his help would be incredibly useful in a fight.

7 Overrated – Permeability: This quirk can be dangerous to Mirio and the people he’s trying to save

Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion, is one of the top-rated students at UA High School. As a member of The Big 3, everyone expects great things from him.

Its quirk allows it to pass through solid objects and is considered dangerous and potentially fatal if used incorrectly. Mirio required a lot of training before she could use her quirk properly. The dangers of the quirk can harm Mirio. While the quirk is activated, Mirio can be prevented from helping others as he cannot touch them.

6 Underrated – Zero Gravity: This quirk could cause a villain to float away


Ochaco Uraraka was determined to be Class 1-A material. She appears to be kind and caring, perfect traits for a heroine. He can use his powers to effect the gravitation that keeps objects and people on the ground.

She could use her powers to easily float a villain into a prison cell. Its powers could be used to blow up a dangerous weapon. With a little more training, you could better understand your powers and limitations.

5 Overrated – Fiber Master: This gift could be useless as clothing is easy to destroy

Tsunagu Hakamada is a professional hero better known as Best Jeanist. He takes his job very seriously and tries to embody the ideal traits of a hero. It can manipulate fabrics, although its power works best with denim.

His power is useful because he can use the clothes of his enemies against them. If you ever fight another person with a quirk, you might face someone who could easily counter your power. There are many quirks that could surpass yours in a fight, as clothing can be destroyed quite easily.

4 Underrated – Brainwashed: This quirk could allow Hitoshi to control villains

Hitoshi during the sports festival

Hitoshi Shinso was featured during the tournament arc of My hero academia. Despite being born with a powerful quirk, he was placed in Class 1-C, although he aspires to be a part of 1-A.

If you can get someone to answer you, you can order them to do anything. While he can put multiple people under his control, he can only use his power on one person at a time. His ability to control people would serve him well in a fight.

3 Overrated – Explosion: This quirk could do more harm than good

bakugo my hero academia

Katsuki Bakugo does not have the typical personality of a hero. He’s arrogant and rude, but his great power has made him a clear candidate for a great hero.

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Your body releases explosive sweat that can explode. The more you sweat, the more powerful you become. His personality alone makes him an odd choice to be a hero. Explosions can also be dangerous. His power combined with his extreme anger could cause him to push things too far in battle.

2 Underrated – Deleted: This quirk prevents enemies from using their quirks

Eraser head erasing another quirk

Shota Aizawa is a professional hero known as Erasure Head. He is a professor at UA and is often seen with Class 1-A. Your quirk may allow you to disable other people’s quirks.

Power does not work on everyone, it can only be used over short distances, and its use can cause severe dry eye. Despite the drawbacks, the ability to pause an enemy’s power would be incredibly useful in a fight. Shota should be a better known hero than him.

one Overrated – Hellflame: This Gift Could End Up Cooking And Everyone Around It

Effort (My Hero Academia)

Hellflame is the name of the peculiar professional hero that Endeavor owns. Enji Todoroki may be known for his heroic status, but he was a pretty terrible father. He was too obsessed with the idea of ​​being the greatest hero.

Its overheated flames could potentially hurt both him and the people around him. It can produce incredibly hot flames that could end up cooking itself along with the people around it.

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