My Next Life as a Villain Season 2: Trailer, Plot, and Release Date

The popular otome isekai series My Next Life as a Villainess is returning to the small screen soon. What awaits viewers?

My next life as a villain: all roads lead to doom! is a touching and otome isekai series, which takes place within a fictional otome game called Fortune lover. A normal high school girl woke up one day in the game world, but not like the lovely heroine Maria Campbell. Instead, he ended up in the expensive shoes of the rotten and spoiled villain, Katarina Claes.

The new Katarina Claes has a problem: the fact that she is Katarina Claes. She has metaknowledge on her side, having played Fortune lover before, but Maria’s success spells Katarina’s downfall, no matter which suitor Maria ends up with. The new Katarina Claes has to invent her own GAME OVER screen where everybody You can be happy, and it’s easier said than done. But he managed to survive Season 1, so hopefully nothing in the upcoming Season 2 ruins our beloved villain’s plans.

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This is what we know so far My next life as a villain Season 2it is plot, trailer and release date.

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The Story So Far: Katarina Claes’s Otome Game Survival Quest

my next life as a villain katarina

The new Katarina Claes is a gentle soul, unlike the original from Fortune lover, but the endings of the game are even less exciting for the villain. As the bad girl and rival, Katarina ends up exiled or dead, depending on how Maria Campbell’s adventure unfolds. But, having played the game in her old life, the new Katarina Claes knows what’s coming and decides to use the game’s prequel years to prepare. This new Katarina is energetic and upbeat, yet dense, and begins laying the foundation for her new route right away.

Young Katarina is already engaged to the charming and princely Geordo Stuart, and has a foster brother named Keith. In the original game, these guys (among others) don’t like Katarina as much, and they find ways to make up for their misery, from reckless womanizer to switching sides and courting Maria Campbell, which, indeed, inevitably leads to doom. by Katarina. Katarina decides to be nice and befriend all the characters and become the focal point of the whole Fortune lover social web. In time, Katarina becomes a doting sister to Keith and seeks out other important characters to get their lives back on track and allow them to become happy, fully functional people.

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Katarina’s hard work pays off, and when they are all 15 years old and attending a wizarding school together, she still hasn’t taken anyone’s bad side. Just in time, Maria Campbell herself arrives, a kind and lonely girl who is soon faced with a whole squad of mean girls who torment her for possessing unusual magic and her commoner status. In the original Fortune lover, Katarina was the leader of those bad girls, but this time, Katarina is Maria’s advocate and friend, for which Maria is deeply grateful, which could be her own problem. Instead of hating her, all of Katarina’s friends are falling for her instead of each other, and this new story route could lead to Katarina’s downfall anyway. Ideally, Maria won’t fall in love with anyone, but if she does fall in love with Katarina, what’s next? Surely, Fortune lover will find a way to give Katarina a bad ending. She is supposed to be the villain, after all.

If that wasn’t enough, Sirius Dieke, the scheming student council president, kidnaps Maria with his dark magic. But, once Katarina and the gang confront him, they discover that Sirius is actually Raphael Walt. A dark plot to save the sickly Sirius Dieke resulted in a boy who is two people in one, but once Raphael is accepted as a friend, Maria is released and peace returns to school. But Katarina still has more than a few suitors on her plate, which could make her situation more precarious than ever.

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My Next Life as a Villainess season 2 release date

Season 2 of My next life as a villain will air in July 2021. The first season aired on Crunchyroll and most likely Season 2 will also air there. This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

Season 2 trailer for my next life as a villain

The season 2 trailer begins on a high note, as Katarina holds up the account book that allows her to chart her future and avoid the death flags in the game’s story. Katarina has done a good job surviving as far as the villain is concerned, despite the game’s fatal intentions, but has unfortunately opened herself up to harm in some new ways.

The trailer makes it clear that all kinds of adventures are ahead, from ballroom dancing to a mysterious masked wizard and a Sirius / Raphael festival in tow. But with so many suitors after her heart, can Katarina survive the trials of the day? Y Break hearts?

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