Naruto: 10 Jutsu You Didn’t Know Kakashi Could Use

Few ninjas in Naruto he has an arsenal of abilities as wide as Kakashi. Even Naruto, for all his powers and abilities, rarely branched out beyond his two basic jutsu. Everything he created tended to be based on the Shadow Clone Technique and the Rasengan in some way. Kakashi was a completely different beast.

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As the legendary copy ninja, Kakashi had a wide range of jutsu at his disposal. Some got more used to it than others, like the Chidori, a baby of their own making. Others were only used once, creating a host of jutsu that may surprise even those who have watched the series multiple times.

10 Earth Liberation: Hiding Like a Mole Technique

With how useful a technique is, it’s surprising that Kakashi only uses it at the beginning of the series and only shows up against Uchiha, whether it’s training Sasuke or Itachi. With this jutsu, Kakashi can make his way underground, allowing him to hide and launch a surprise attack on enemies.

When he bothers to use it, it has been effective both in restraining Sasuke and in launching an attack on Itachi via the Rending Drill Fang. It’s surprising that a genius like Kakashi didn’t try to mix it up a bit more with his fights.

9 Opening the first door

Kakashi is unwilling to open all eight doors and go insane like the Might Guy did against Madara in a fight that was one of the best in the second half of the war. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to open one.

While doing a wall climbing training exercise with his equipment, he uses it, letting him shake off his mental inhibitions and scale the rocky surface with one hand. It’s the furthest he’s been shown to go, as he’s far from being a Taijutsu specialist and has enough stuff sapping his chakra.

8 Evil sealing method

When Sasuke received his cursed seal from Orochimaru, it was up to Kakashi to find a means to suppress it, as Sasuke did not have the willpower to fight his influence like Anko did.

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This led to the creation of the Evil Sealing Method that Kakashi imprinted on Sasuke in hopes of preventing breakouts. Unfortunately, it was just a suppressor, and if Sasuke wanted it badly enough, the cursed seal would nullify the seal, as shown in his battle with Naruto in the Vally of The End.

7 Fire Release: Water Mist


The fire throwing jutsu for Kakashi is rarely shown, one ends in a fill and the fire throwing – water mist appears in Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Boy of Failure, a canon light novel that has yet to be animated.

The technique allows Kakashi to create a flame bird that flies under a designated water source, the bird’s flame is so hot that it causes the water to boil and eventually turn to steam. Soon after, the bird dissipates, having completed its work.

6 Hiding in the fog technique

It is a technique that was one of Zabuza’s strongest and seems to be a trait of many Kirigakure ninjas, as Mei Terumi is also capable of it. It’s a bit of a contradiction in its strength as Zabuza made it able to make the sharingan moot, however Itachi said it didn’t impede his sharingan at all. Naruto shipudden.

In any case, it is a useful jutsu, even if Kakashi only used it in the anime to reinforce the battle with the Itachi clone.

5 Purple electricity

Yes Boruto not your cup of tea, you would have missed the new update that Kakashi received to his lightning element. Your electricity can now turn purple, doing more than just making it aesthetically pleasing.

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Purple electricity can fluctuate in power as in Kakashi hiden, he was able to use it to defuse a vest bomb and, in the same novel, make it strong enough to induce rain from the sky. It is also capable of being thrown, giving you a suitable replacement for your Lightning Cutter.

4 Chidori current

Created by Sasuke, this is a ninjutsu that allows the user to use the Chidori as a defensive ability rather than an offensive one. Effectively, it is an electrical discharge that allows the user to attack multiple users at the same time and creates a defense barrier.

Once hit, an opponent’s body will instantly stiffen and fall to the ground in a heap. Thanks to Kakashi’s new Purple Electricity, he is able to use an incredibly similar ability.

3 Thousand years of death

It’s a silly technique that legitimately never appears beyond Kakashi’s training exercises, outside of Naruto’s interpretation of the attack on Gaara. The skill is a mix of taking your opponent off guard and humiliating him at the same time.

Kakashi clasps his hands tightly and extends his middle and index fingers, resembling the seal on the Tiger’s hand. From there, he thrusts forward, causing a great deal of pain in his opponent’s butt.

2 Shadow clone technique

Shadow clones are something that is most often associated with Naruto. It is one of his strongest and most versatile jutsu, at the height of Rasengan. He is far from the only one capable of doing it as Kakashi demonstrated, using them as skillfully as Naruto had, which allowed him to improve his other jutsu immensely.

A great example of that is the Lightning Transmission, which allowed him to connect two Chidoris, creating a much stronger version of the jutsu.

one White light sheet

The White Light Blade was a young Kakashi’s version of his father’s legendary White Light Chakra Saber. He used the white light to enhance his sword, extending both its length and its destructive capabilities.

He might not be as famous or feared as his father’s, but he proved at a young age just what a genius Kakashi was. Even before the Sharingan, he had been an expert and had adapted other people’s abilities to his repertoire.

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