The world is full of great anime and manga series, and Naruto happens to be one of the most popular series of all time. The series centers on a young ninja who dreams of becoming a Hokage and, over the course of his journey, ends up fighting a host of villains, some of whom are far more powerful and dangerous than others.

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One of these villains is Madara Uchiha, a ninja who is synonymous with power and skill, and the mere mention of his name was enough to start a war. Obito Uchiha is another major villain, and this is because he set many events in motion as the secret leader of Akatsuki. Both villains played an important role in the story, to the point that both can be considered the best villain in the series.

10 OBITO: He’s the reason Naruto lost his parents and grew up ostracized

The Obito that fans see at the end of the series is capable of defeating some pretty powerful shinobi, including Minato, but when the two first met in serious combat, it was the Fourth Hokage who emerged victorious. That fight happened the day Naruto was born when Obito kidnapped Kushina and extracted the Nine Tails from her.

Minato became one of the greatest Hokage in history when he stopped the Nine-Tails rampage by sealing half on his newborn son, an act that forced Minato to sacrifice himself, and Kushina died after she defended Naruto from the Nine Tails. If it wasn’t for Obito, Naruto might have grown up with his two loving parents, but instead, he was forced to live as an ostracized Jinchuriki.

9 MADARA: Ultimately, I was trying to save the world

Madara grew up at a time when children were forced to fight on the battlefield, and when he met and became friends with a young Hashirama Senju, the two of them dreamed of ushering in a new era of peace in which the children did not have to fight in wars. Madara decided that the best way to accomplish this was through the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

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The purpose of Infinite Tsukuyomi was to trap the entire world in an endless dream world where war and death did not exist. The irony is that Madara caused a lot of conflict and deaths to carry out this plan, but all of these were considered necessary sacrifices as everyone who died would live in the dream world again.

8 OBITO: Killed the original Akatsuki members and led Nagato towards their cause

The original Akatsuki was made up entirely of ninjas from Rain Village who wanted to end the war that had devastated their homeland. The group was led by Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan, and they were all betrayed by Hanzo of the Salamander, who allied himself with Danzo Shimura of the Blade.

When Obito learned of this conspiracy, he intercepted and killed the original Akatsuki members who were trying to rescue Yahiko. In the end, Yahiko died, and Obito used Nagato’s pain to steer Akatsuki in a new direction. This led to a new Akatsuki made up of rebellious ninjas, whose goal was to capture the tailed beasts and establish world peace through fear and conquest.

7 MADARA: He played with the five Kage

Madara revealing his Hashirama cells

The Five Kage are five of the strongest ninjas in the world, but there are still characters like Madara who are stronger than them. At first, Madara liked the idea of ​​fighting the Five Kage, but was disappointed because he expected them to be much stronger.

In fact, he forced each Kage to fight five Susanoo wielding clones because one Kage mentioned that they technically outnumbered him five to one. He also played with them when he revealed that the only reason one of his attacks hit was because he wanted to show them that his body contained Hashirama cells.

6 OBITO: Pretended to be Madara and Tobi

Some of the best villains are capable of hiding their true identity extremely well, and Obito exemplified this by pretending to be someone pretending to be someone else. Before the world thought he was Madara, only Pain, Konan, Kisame, and Itachi believed that he was the legendary former leader of the Uchiha.

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He managed to hide his false identity by pretending to be Tobi, a playful, carefree and even goofy character that no one could take seriously. Obito played the role so well that it ended up being part of two of the biggest plot twists in the anime.

5 MADARA: He was more powerful than anyone could imagine.

Madara has fought some of the strongest characters in the series and managed to defeat them all. At the end of the series, Madara became the strongest being on Earth, as evidenced by the fact that he single-handedly eliminated thousands of ninjas when he made his debut on the battlefield of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

The legendary Uchiha was able to cancel the cancellation of the Reanimation Jutsu, and when he was finally revived, he successfully faced all the Tailed Beasts at once. He gained even more power when he became the Ten-Tailed Jinchuriki, and this allowed him to take on Sasuke and Naruto with ease. He even laughed at death while fighting Might Guy, who was using Death’s Gate.

4 OBITO: He’s the reason Neji died

Many fans liked Neji Hyuga, and those same fans rolled their eyes when he sacrificed himself to save Naruto’s life. This happened when the allied shinobi forces engaged the Ten-Tails while it was being controlled by Obito and Madara.

Prior to this battle, Naruto told Obito that he would never let any of his comrades die, and Obito responded by having the Ten Tails launch several lance-shaped projectile barrage at the shinobi army. Neji used his body to prevent several of these spears from hitting Naruto, and as he lay dying in Naruto’s arms, Obito taunted him for making a ridiculous statement.

3 MADARA: His Eye of the Moon plan really succeeded.

The infinite Tsukuyomi

Most of the villains don’t get to see their master plan come true, but Madara is one of the exceptions. It may not have lasted long, but Madara managed to complete his Eye of the Moon plan by casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

For a short time, most of the world was at peace, which is what Madara always wanted. In reality, the Infinite Tsukuyomi was slowly transforming everyone into unconscious clones of White Zetsu that would serve in Kaguya’s army, but none of that was part of Madara’s plan.

2 OBITO: He eventually redeemed himself.

Many great villains end up redeeming themselves at the end of the story, and that is exactly what happened with Obito. The only reason Obito agreed to carry out Madara’s plan is because he wanted to see Rin again in the dream world created by the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

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As the Tailed Beasts are extracted from Obito’s body, Naruto is finally able to communicate with him, and the misguided Uchiha finally realizes that he was wrong in pursuing the Infinite Tsukuyomi. After accepting the fact that he has been living a lie for years, Obito vows to use his remaining life to help Naruto end the war.

one MADARA: He manipulated Obito into becoming a villain

Obito may have been a good villain, but at the end of the day, he was just someone who was manipulated by Madara. The elder Uchiha was near death when he found Obito, and saw in him the perfect candidate to carry out his Eye of the Moon plan.

In order to get Obito to join his cause, Madara arranged for Rin to be kidnapped by the Mist Village, and ensured that Rin became the Three-Tailed Jinchuriki. Rin didn’t want to be used as a weapon, so when Kakashi came to save her, he impaled himself on her Chidori. Madara even timed it so that Obito would arrive on the battlefield in time to see Rin die. Of all the horrible things Madara has done, this one really stands out.

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