Naruto: Sasuke’s 10 worst character traits, ranked

In the history of Naruto, many heroes and villains are fighting for the future of the shinobi world, from the idealistic Naruto Uzumaki to the rebel organization Akatsuki, and then there is the matter of Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke was introduced as a trusted member of Team Seven in the early days, but he soon walked a dark path.

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Sasuke is loyal to the Uchiha Clan above all else, and at first, he wanted to send his brother Itachi Uchiha for revenge, and then he turned against the Leaf Village when he learned the truth about their family. Sasuke has committed more than a few evil acts along the way, many of which stem from his twisted personality.

10 Sasuke often teases people, even Naruto

Naruto Sasuke and Naruto

Sasuke is not afraid to use words to hurt his enemies or put his allies in their place. Most of the ninjas are careful with their words in combat, and some of them use psychological warfare while others, like Shino Aburame, are quieter.

Meanwhile, Sasuke has taunted his teammates more than once, and a little taunting is one thing, but Sasuke’s taunting comes from his darker personality traits, adding an edge to Sasuke’s taunting words. Naruto can’t bear it.

9 Sasuke is reckless and underestimates his enemies

Sasuke would sometimes berate Naruto for being too reckless and getting straight into a situation without thinking. But in a way, Sasuke is like that too. When he began taking orders from Obito Uchiha, he took on recklessly dangerous missions and nearly killed himself.

Not even Sasuke can take on all five summoned Kages at once and hope to win, and while Sasuke is more calculating than Naruto, that doesn’t make him immune to his own reckless streak. Sasuke is too fast to challenge the strongest ninja in the world (like the Raikage).

8 Sasuke has an impatient streak

Sasuke is not only reckless in his ambitions, he is also impatient in general. Even though Sasuke was among the top of his class at the ninja academy, he felt inadequate for his mission of revenge, and he was far ahead of himself.

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This impatience and frustration is what led Sasuke to decide “I will get power from anyone, at any cost!” and thus, Sasuke ended up in Orochimaru’s clutches for two years. Sasuke’s impatience also compounded his rivalry with Naruto in unhealthy ways.

7 Sasuke is critical and despises others


Sasuke is quite nervous, and he often uses that as an excuse to put other people down. It is true that Sasuke is among the most talented ninjas of his generation, but he is too quick to look down on other people from that point of view.

Sasuke often openly asserts how weak or losers his allies or enemies tend to be, and he certainly doesn’t make friends who speak that way. Sasuke will quickly decide whether or not he thinks someone else is worth it, and will treat them accordingly. Most of the time, you think they are not worth it.

6 Sasuke is hungry for power in his quest for revenge

Sasuke using Amaterasu 8 Tails

Sasuke’s lifelong mission was to restore the Uchiha Clan and take down anyone who was responsible for its disappearance. Thus was born Sasuke’s lust for power, and this, more than anything else, defined Sasuke’s character arc.

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Sasuke thinks that power does the right thing, and believes that if a ninja has enough powerful jutsu (including the forbidden one) then he is justified in everything he does. But in reality, Sasuke is simply making the world a worse place with that power of his. And you are never satisfied with what you have.

5 Sasuke is narcissistic and will not take the blame

A narcissist will blame anyone but himself for his problem, and they believe that they cannot do anything wrong. For a character like Sasuke, all the setbacks and obstacles can be attributed to someone (or even something) else.

Sasuke never doubted himself or his mission, and when Naruto, Kakashi Hatake, and other companions tried to dissuade him from his mission, he blamed them for not understanding, and even blamed the entire world for the fate of the Uchihas. Sasuke needs to get out of it.

4 Sasuke is manipulative towards his own allies

Karin was a member of Sasuke’s team for a time, and fell in love with him. She was eager to do anything for Sasuke’s sake, and Sasuke realized that he had a completely loyal ally in Karin. So, he took advantage of that fact.

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Sasuke never really appreciated what Karin did for him. Instead, he used her and blew her up, then left her for dead. He could have lost his life if Naruto and Sakura Haruno hadn’t intervened.

3 Sasuke is vindictive and will challenge anyone who opposes him

Naruto and Sasuke's original fight

Someone as vengeful as Sasuke will never stop holding a grudge. Such a person will seek to destroy anyone who crosses them for the slightest slight, and people like Sasuke have a “if you’re not with me, you’re against me!” kind of attitude.

Sasuke is openly spiteful towards the Leaf Village ninja who used to be his friends, including Kakashi, and will challenge nobody which is perceived as an obstacle to your goals. This situation is compounded by Sasuke’s reckless streak.

2 Sasuke is indifferent and doesn’t even try to bond

Young Naruto and Sasuke angry

Some characters from Naruto universe are more empathetic than others. When Naruto fought Gaara of the Arena right after the Chunin exams, Naruto’s heart touched Gaara’s as both of them had suffered from being an outcast, due to both being jinchuriki.

Then there is Sasuke, who refuses to see himself in other people, or vice versa. Naruto tried to empathize with Sasuke on the basis that they both lost their parents, but Sasuke pushed it back to his face. And Sasuke didn’t try to form empathic bonds with anyone else either.

one Sasuke is arrogant in thinking that he is the best

Sasuke is firmly convinced that he is the best. In his eyes, he is never wrong, he is destined to be the strongest and everyone else is always one step behind him. It is true that Sasuke is quite a powerful ninja, but his ego exceeds his own ability at times.

Sasuke strongly punishes his own body with the excessive use of the Mangekyo Sharingan and his gifts, and incorrectly thinks that only he knows what is best for his clan, the Hidden Leaf Village, and indeed the entire world.

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