Netflix to turn classic ‘Redwall’ books into animated movies and TV shows

Netflix is ​​adapting a classic book series into movies and TV shows. The streaming service has obtained the rights to Brian Jacques Red wall series of books. They will be reinvented on screen following a rights agreement between Penguin Random House Children’s UK and Netflix. This is the first time that the rights to the entire book series belong to a single company.

For starters, a film based on the first book in the Brian Jacques series, Red wall, is currently under development. Writer Patrick McHale (On the garden wall, Pinocchio). Additionally, Netflix is ​​working on an event series based on the Martin the Warrior character. The film is more significant as it will be the first time that a feature film based on any of his works has been produced. Netflix, to accompany the announcement, released an initial artwork. Ben Horslen, fiction editor at Penguin Random House Children’s, had this to say.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to announce this deal. These perennially popular stories have been etched in the hearts of millions of readers, and we are thrilled to partner with Netflix to bring these beloved characters to the screen for families across the world to enjoy. world”.

The books chronicle the adventures of the heroic animals that inhabit the Redwall Abbey forest refuge. The first novel was published in 1986, with 21 more in the following years. They have sold more than 30 million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages. Brian Jaques passed away in 2011. Alan Ingram, representative of The Redwall Abbey Company, owner of Jacques’s intellectual property, had this to say.

“Brian often traveled around the world to tell his Redwall stories to a young audience, mostly in their schools. Brian would have been very happy to see Netflix share his joy and desire to bring his stories to life as a whole new universe of movies, series and potentially much more for audiences of all ages to enjoy. We are very excited to embark on this new endeavor with Netflix and Penguin Random House UK. “

The finanacial terms of the contract were not disclosed. Regardless, Netflix has proven to have a lot of money and also, like all the other streaming services now flooding the market, they need marquee content to keep subscribers. Given the massive audience for these books around the world, it looks like this could turn out to be a wide-ranging franchise, one with a wealth of source material to pull from.

Red wall joins Netflix’s growing list of animated features. This list includes Oscar nominees KlausBy Kris Pearn The Willoughbys and Oscar winner Glen Keane’s On the moon. As of the end of this year they have Back insideBy Richard Linklater Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Adventure, Chris Williams The Beast from the SeaBy Henry Selick Wendell and wild, Nora Twomey My father’s dragon, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, Wendy Rogers’ The Wizard’s ElephantBy Minkyu Lee The witch boyY Chicken run 2. Be sure to check out the Netflix artwork NX Twitter account.

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