One Piece: The 10 Most Dangerous Villains Luffy Fought Against

One piece is arguably the most successful anime and manga series of all time, and after more than two decades, it has managed to maintain an unmatched level of storytelling. The series centers on Monkey D. Luffy, the young captain of the Straw Hat Pirates who turned into a rubber human after eating the Gum-Gum fruit.

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Luffy dreams of becoming the next Pirate King, and in the course of his journey, he has traveled to many interesting places, but has also met a variety of interesting characters. Most of the people Luffy has met are kind-hearted and kind people, but he has also encountered quite a few evil characters. Each One piece The villain is dangerous in some way, but Luffy has faced some of the most threatening people in the series.

10 Enel was extremely dangerous, but luckily Luffy is made of rubber

God Enel Skypiea

There are definitely characters that are stronger than Enel, but that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous. Enel was the main antagonist of the Skypiea Arc, and was considered a God because he had the power of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit.

This Logia Devil Fruit allows Enel to create and control lightning bolts, but it can also transform any part of his body into the powerful element, which is why most physical attacks simply pass through it. At maximum output, Enel can produce up to 200 million volts of electricity, which is enough to kill anyone, and Luffy only survived this encounter because his rubber body is a natural counter.

9 Rob Lucci was the strongest assassin in the history of CP9

Rob Lucci may not have the strongest Zoan type devil fruit, but he is still stronger than others. The fruit allowed Lucci to transform into a leopard hybrid at will, and while in this form his physical strength increases significantly, making him a great fruit for close combat.

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CP9 is the Cipher Pol division that carries out assassinations on behalf of the World Government, and Lucci was considered the strongest member in the group’s history. Under normal circumstances, Lucci would have ripped Luffy to pieces, but even he underestimated the Straw Hat captain’s stamina and strength.

8 The nobles of the world consider themselves gods who can do whatever they want

Luffy’s first encounter with the World Nobles occurred during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, and it ended with him hitting one of these nobles in the face for trying to kill one of his friends. These nobles are the descendants of the 19 kings who originally founded the World Government, and most of them are despicable human beings who have done terrible things.

Since these nobles consider themselves gods, they consider all other living things to be insignificant insects, which is why they openly engage in slavery. They also murder innocent people without consequences because they are the embodiment of the law.

7 Big Mom can withstand Gear 4th and her devil fruit power allows her to steal people’s lifespan

Big Mom is one of the Four Emperors, which means that she is considered one of the strongest pirate captains in the world. Luffy briefly confronted her in the Whole Cake Island arc, but is now fighting her in earnest in Wano.

In her encounters with Luffy, she showed that she can match and even dominate him even if she uses Gear 4th, but that’s not what really makes her terrifying. It possesses the Soul-Soul Fruit, which allows it to give life to inanimate objects and take out the entire soul of a person, killing it instantly.

6 Doflamingo’s awakening devil fruit nearly destroyed an entire kingdom

Doflamingo went through a very traumatic experience as a child, but that doesn’t justify all the terrible things he did as an adult. The ancient Warlord possesses the power of the String-String Fruit, which allows him to create and manipulate strings.

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This may not sound like a powerful or terrifying ability, but Doflamingo can use his ropes to cut limbs, and he nearly wiped out the kingdom of Dressrosa by locking the island in a narrow cage made of unbreakable rope. He was also a capable fighter whose Haki almost rivaled Luffy’s.

5 Katakuri pushed Luffy to the limit

Each One piece Arc has a defining battle, and Luffy’s fight with Katakuri culminated in the Whole Cake Island Arc. Katakuri is Big Mom’s son and the strongest member of her crew, and managed to become a feared pirate while wielding a Devil Fruit that gives him the ability to create, control, and transform into a mochi.

What made Katakuri really terrifying is the fact that he could look to the future a bit with his Observation Haki, which gave him an incredible advantage in battle. His Armament Haki is also strong enough to seriously injure Luffy, and he probably would have hit him if he hadn’t seriously injured himself to make his fight equal.

4 Crocodile almost finished Luffy’s dream in Arabasta


Crocodile was the main antagonist of the Alabasta Arc, and is the first truly evil Logia user that Luffy encountered. The ancient Warlord is able to create, control and transform into sand thanks to the power of the Sand-Sand Fruit, and can also use this power to absorb all the moisture from the body of a living being.

So far, Crocodile has not shown that he is capable of using Haki, but he did not need it during his first fight with Luffy. Crocodile was able to defeat the Straw Hat captain with ease, and after draining the moisture from his body, he impaled Luffy with his grapple, and he would have died if Robin had not saved his life.

3 Magellan’s poison was almost too much for Luffy to handle.

Magellan's Poison Poison Fruit

When Luffy learned that Ace was being held at Impel Down, he decided to voluntarily enter the prison in order to escape. At the time, Magellan was the warden of Impel Down, and most of the prisoners were terrified of him due to his Venom-Venom Fruit.

This fruit allows Magellan to produce and control different types of poison, and if someone touches it while it is covered in poison, that person will be immediately poisoned. Luffy nearly died while fighting Magellan, but was saved by the power of Ivankov’s Devil Fruit.

2 Akainu would have killed Luffy if it weren’t for Ace

Akainu is currently the Admiral of the Marine Fleet, and first encountered Luffy at Marineford during the Summit War. The goal of that war was to save Ace from being executed, but he died anyway when he sacrificed himself to protect Luffy from one of Akainu’s attacks.

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The Admiral of the Fleet ate the Magma-Magma Fruit, and this Lodge allows him to create, control, and transform into magma. Akainu is a strong and capable leader, but he is also incredibly ruthless, as evidenced by the fact that he destroyed a refugee ship full of innocent people and Marines because there could only be one enemy among them.

one Kaido threw Luffy like a rag doll

Like Big Mom, Kaido is one of the Four Emperors and is considered the strongest creature in the world. Kaido is ruthless, aggressive, and highly confident, and has a reputation for being impossible to kill due to his near-indestructible durability.

He is capable of withstanding some of Luffy’s strongest Haki-infused attacks, and possesses a mythical Zoan Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a massive dragon that can take down an entire mountain with a single attack.

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