Poison Ivy Headlines LGBTQIA + Gothic Romance Graphic Novel

DC has revealed the creative team and preview pages for Poison Ivy: Thorns, which reimagines DC’s anti-heroine as the leader of a gothic romance.

DC has revealed the preview pages and details of Poison Ivy: Thorns, a graphic novel that reinvents Batman’s antihero as the protagonist of a gothic romance.

Poison Ivy: Thorns he meets Pamela Isley, or “Ivy” as her late mother called her, in high school, where he meets a goth girl named Alice Oh, whom he falls in love with. Artist Sara Kipin’s preview pages show Ivy and Alice’s first meeting, as well as Ivy tending the plants in the high school greenhouse.

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“Poison Ivy has been my favorite comic book character since I was a child,” wrote Kody Keplinger. (THE DUFF) said in a statement. “Being able to write a story about her in one of my favorite genres (Gothic romance), brought to life thanks to the amazing art of Sara Kipin, is just a dream come true in so many ways. It’s creepy, it’s romantic, and it’s full of drama. It was a lot of fun to write, and I hope readers fall in love with Pamela and Alice as much as I do. “

“I am very proud and excited to be a part of Poison Ivy: Thorns“Kipin added.” Working on this book during 2020 was a very difficult experience, but through my own struggles, I hope readers can see the time and love that I put into these pages. Kody did a fantastic job writing a fun goth romance story, and I can’t wait for new Poison Ivy fans to read it! “

Poison Ivy: Thorns It will be the latest entry in a series of DC’s young adult graphic novels. Other graphic novels include Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend, which will go on sale on April 13, and House of El: Menace of the Shadows, which focuses on the last days of Superman’s homeworld of Krypton.

Written by Kody Keplinger and illustrated by Sara Kipin, Poison Ivy: Thorns It goes on sale June 1, 2021 from DC.

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