Pokémon: Adult Collectors Increase the Resale Value of a Happy Meal Promotion

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, exclusive cards are being packaged at McDonalds Happy Meals. Unfortunately, it has turned into a disaster.

The end of 2020 saw the beginning of the Pokémon Trading Card GameThe resurgence in popularity and early 2021 is revealing the less flavorful elements of this surge. On the back of celebrities spending unfathomable amounts of money on classic Wizards of the Coast cards, modern TCG games are also receiving widespread renewed attention.

With prices skyrocketing and a rampant shortage, Pokémania on the TCG side of the franchise has apparently made a comeback. However, it is being driven primarily by wealthier adult fans with the disposable income and means to hunt down these cards. For a time, it was innocuous, if frustrating behavior. Now a Pokemon The McDonalds promotion has entered the sights of these collectors and feels a lot less fun.

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The promotion itself is a standard fast food collaboration. Celebrate PokemonOn the 25th anniversary, McDonalds will include special TCG packages in their Happy Meals. This is a fairly common practice. Nintendo is running a similar promotion at Burger King, giving away toys based on popular Switch games, from Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Luigi’s Mansion 3.

But that promotion does not occur in the same context as the Pokemon promotion. With exclusive designs and holographic cards, collectors take advantage of the Pokemon madness to make a big profit on these Happy Meal toys Now, adults are showing up at McDonalds and cleaning up entire locations, reselling the packages online for ridiculous sums. It is manipulative behavior that is not only trying to capitalize on a trend, but also from the fact that McDonalds is not prepared to counter this.

Fast food toy lines tend to become collectibles, but rarely sell out to this point. While some stores are trying to regulate people’s Happy Meal purchases, it’s a losing battle. If dedicated retail sites can’t stop the rampant scalping of PlayStation 5 and Xbox series units, expecting McDonalds to master this practice is unrealistic.

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Scalping in the gaming industry has recently become a huge problem, but it has always been a problem as far as Nintendo is concerned. From hardware to amiibo, fans have unfortunately gotten used to these practices. But scalping is especially pernicious and omnipresent right now. As COVID-19 continues to impede the production of various goods and components, resellers are nefariously strangling already-strangled goods for absurd profits.

While it is infuriating that boutique consumer electronics are being scalped, it is very sad that this has happened with a promotion aimed at children. Pokemon It is a series that all ages can enjoy, but it certainly leans towards the very young. Many of the adults who feverishly bought these cards fell in love with the series as children. It is during these early years that Pokemon it feels more magical and exciting, and it is during these years that receiving a Happy Meal after school is the best ending to the day. The only thing that could improve it is getting Pokemon cards with your chicken nuggets.

However, adult collectors are taking that experience away. Not everyone is scalping, of course. Some fans buy the cards in bulk to get full collections because they love it Pokemon, something that is much more justifiable and much less dire. However, this behavior still goes against the spirit of the event. What should have been a fun anniversary celebration for younger fans has turned into a speculation disaster, which is a shame.

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