Redwall movie and TV show in development on Netflix from Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale

Netflix is ​​developing a Redwall movie and TV show based on the original novel series with Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale.

A movie and TV show based on Red wall book series from the creator of On the garden wall, Patrick McHale, are currently in development at Netflix. the Red wall The books are a popular British children’s fantasy series written by author Brian Jacques. The first book in the series was published in 1986 and the last book was published 25 years later, in 2011.

The book series follows a fearless group of woodland animals who live in what is known as Redwall Abbey, a dwelling in the larger Mossflower Wood forest area. Animals experience many adventures as they often have to defend and defend each other from evil forest creatures. These adventures are detailed throughout the 22 Red wall books that have been published over the years. An impressive 30 million copies have been sold to date.

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The success of the series will now continue as a Red wall Netflix is ​​developing movies and television series. The film will be based on the first book published in the Red wall series and written by McHale. The television show, described as “Series of events, “will focus on and follow the character of Martin the Warrior. Netflix recently closed a deal with publisher Penguin Random House Children’s UK to acquire the rights to the series. Fiction publisher Ben Horslen says they are eager to present Red wall to the world of streaming:

These perennially popular stories have been etched in the hearts of millions of readers, and we are delighted to partner with Netflix to bring these beloved characters to the screen for families around the world to enjoy.

Netflix also shared a first look at some visual development art for Red wall:

Redwall Visual Development Art

The next Red wall It will be the first film to be made from the works of Jacques and will join the growing collection of Netflix original animated content. Unfortunately, Jacques is not here to see all of this happen. He passed away in 2011 before the last book in the series was published. However, Alan Ingram of The Redwall Abbey Company thinks Jacques would have been delighted and grateful that Netflix is ​​bringing his stories to life, saying “Brian would have been very happy to see Netflix share his joy and desire to bring his stories to life as a new universe of movies, series, and potentially much more for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

the Red wall The book series is packed with adventures, so it makes sense to have a movie and TV show to share those stories. Having McHale as a screenwriter for the film also makes sense, as his 2014 miniseries On the garden wall followed the journey of two characters who had an adventure in the forest of their own. McHale’s work on the miniseries was met with high marks and positive reception, so it would seem Red wall is in good hands. As Netflix’s library of animated children’s originals continues to grow, today’s children may have more opportunities to see the books of the past come to life on screen.

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