Resident Evil: 10 Movie Mistakes The Netflix Series Should Avoid

Netflix’s Resident Evil will be a disconnected reboot of the movies, but there’s still a chance that the TV series will make the exact same mistakes.

A Demonic resident The TV show would have sounded strange a few years ago, but the rise of streaming services and the growing popularity of the franchise have led to Netflix adapting the video games into a series. From Netflix Demonic resident It will be a disconnected reboot of the movies, but there is still a chance that the TV series will make the exact same mistakes.

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A restart allows Netflix Demonic resident so as not to be hampered by the mistakes made by the film franchise, which, while hugely successful in its own right, fell short of its storytelling potential. The Netflix series can learn from these mistakes and give Demonic resident the television series you deserve.

10 Separating the protagonists too much

the Demonic resident The movies chose to make Alice the focal point, with other main characters coming and going without staying for long. TThe television series must avoid this to generate chemistry between the protagonists. By separating the main cast from each other, there is not enough time to develop a credible relationship.

9 Putting too much emphasis on violence

Both of them resident Evil 6 Y Resident Evil: Retribution they feature too much exaggerated violence. Having learned the games from this mistake, it’s time the TV series did too. The show needs to keep violence low. The action must be up close and personal, not a festival of blood. The series can be inspired by Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which brought a lot of brutality but did not spray blood generously.

8 Hammy Dialog

Despite the commercial success, Demonic resident Films received, the audience does not exactly praise the writing. More than anything, the dialogue was unintentionally funny and often too much on the nose. It got to the point where villains were chewing on the stage, something the TV series has to avoid to be taken seriously. Movies might elude due to their low runtime, but the show will come across as a joke if the conversations are too cheesy.

7 Convert video game protagonists into secondary characters

Movie fans can’t afford to meet video game characters like Jill, Leon, or Chris. With Alice at the helm, the mainstays of video games moved onto the supporting cast, often rotating in and out from movie to movie.

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The best the Netflix series can do would be to sideline these leads altogether, as adapting them would steal the focus of the adaptation’s lead, while not doing justice to the video game cast.

6 Playing too much in Zombie Tropes

At various points in the movies, things got a lot like the zombie manga. The TV series has to get creative with these enemies as zombie tropes have become too common. The movies made the mistake of being too simple in execution, with the zombies too predictable or too “out there” to really thrill audiences.

5 Kill characters for hit value

A trend in the movies was adapting game bosses as part of Alice’s story. This led to the characters being killed simply to surprise the public. The TV series must keep established characters above the rest without resorting to the armor of the plot, and the death must have a lasting impact.

4 Making B-series movies

Due to the budget of the film franchise, many of the early costumes looked like cosplay. Another mistake was making cinematography cheaper, which resulted in several poorly lit scenes that appeared to have been shot with poor quality cameras. The cinematography of the television series must communicate the dire circumstances that the main characters find themselves in, and the costumes must resemble the games while remaining based on reality.

3 Promote action on terror

The most popular Resident Evil monsters highlight the fear factor above all else. The movies were too lenient on the action side, to the point where the horror became largely secondary.

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The show must go on Demonic residentroots, with atmospheric horror prevailing over shooting zombies. With this direction, the Netflix series can be distinguished from the original movies.

2 Have a main character like Alice

Alice is defined by her mysterious past above all else, and the movies fail to develop her personality. The TV series should be more personal, with the main character someone the audience can relate to and support. To do this, the action must be toned down to give the main protagonist a full background with an emotional quality.

one Using too many sequel hooks

The films were allowed too much by leaving out the plot devices that were meant to keep viewers hooked until the end of the movie or until the sequel. The problem is that putting so much ambiguity eventually eliminates the mystique entirely.

The TV series must go the organic path, with plot threads connecting one to another without pulling hooks that are supposed to be resolved later. There may be a general mystery, but resolutions need to be provided in a timely manner, rather than dragging things out.

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