RHOSLC: Why fans are tired of Jen Shah’s ‘toxic’ anger outbursts

After a season full of screaming, Real Housewives fans are exhausted with the constant drama surrounding Jen Shah’s explosive behavior.

Jen Shah, star of the True Salt Lake City Housewives, has had a difficult first season. After fighting with several of his co-stars, Shah has exhausted RHOSLC fans with their outbursts.

This season, Shah has been embroiled in multiple controversies regarding her co-stars. In the first few episodes, Shah fought with Mary Cosby, whom she accused of disrespecting her family members. Cosby commented that Shah “smelled like a hospital” after Shah returned from visiting his sick aunt. Later, cast member Whitney Rose told Shah Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow told Cosby that they were afraid of Shah. Shah disagreed with the fact that Rose chose to tell him this news at her husband Sharrieff’s birthday party.

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In dealing with the drama, Shah exhibited behavior that some fans labeled “aggressive. “At a party at the beginning of the season, Shah got upset about her enmity with Cosby and started screaming and crying. After Rose confronted her at her husband’s birthday party, Shah started screaming and threw her glass on the floor during the middle of the During an argument in Las Vegas, Shah slapped the hand of her friend, Heather Gay. “Jen is so incredibly TOXIC!” said a fan in Reddit. Another usage wrote: “She is An overly aggressive middle-aged bully who needs serious help dealing with his problems! I can only hope that he takes a season off to seek help and comes back a better person. “

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However, some fans were concerned about Shah’s mental health. “Am I the only one who feels like we are seeing someone about to have a nervous breakdown? Jen shah [sic] he’s unhinged in a way that feels uncomfortable for our entertainment, ” said a fan. Shah struggled to cope with the recent death of her father and dealt with anxiety and depression after his death. Additionally, Shah dealt with her husband, Sharrieff Shah’s tight work schedule, which frequently alienated him from the family. Shah responded to criticism for her behavior this season by pointing to a double standard that exists in discussions about her and her white peers.

After its successful first season, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City It has been renewed for the second season. Although fans are excited to see the return of the newest Real housewives franchise, the casting for the next season remains unconfirmed. After his intense outbursts during the first season, fans may not want to see Shah return to the franchise. The dramatic three-part season one finale is scheduled to air tonight on Bravo.

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