Fans of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are pointing to Mary Cosby’s role as First Lady and “spiritual leader” within her church congregation.

Ties to the church of Mary Cosby are being questioned once again by skeptical fans. After last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, some fans expressed concern about Mary’s role as “sspiritual leader.

While Jen Shah has brought the most drama, Mary Cosby has brought the most controversy to the premiere season of RHOSLC. Before the show even aired, Mary was making headlines for her unconventional arranged marriage to her grandfather. While on the show, Mary revealed what her late grandmother’s wish was like for her to marry her second husband to inherit the family church. While that caused many to scratch their heads, things got more peculiar when the First Lady revealed that she drives several 7-Eleven if she sees black people standing in front. To make matters worse, an audio was leaked of her calling her poor congregation for not giving her the amount of birthday money she hoped to receive.

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On last week’s episode, Mary showed more highlights of her home and church life. But, after watching it, many fans took Reddit to share how “disturbed“They were because of Mary’s lifestyle. “This is different from the crazy women we often see: this woman is a ‘spiritual leader’ but she looks like a girl pretending to know what she is doing.” said a Redditor in a thread titled after the star Bravo. “Send, fall in love with the histrionic pastor, walk through his empty house in elegant clothes“They added before sharing their suspicions about Mary’s hidden secrets. “Between that grandmother, her husband, her religion, my feeling is that this is a deeply damaged human being. It makes me uncomfortable.” added the fan.

The strong opinion comes after the seemingly hypocritical views of Mary as she brags about her role in the church. Other fans joined the thread and shared their thoughts on the reality star as they compared her church to a cult. “Looking at the watchdog database (IIRC) of cults in America was surprising and affirmative. “ said a Redditor. “So many small ‘churches’ that they’re really just cults in disguise, basically ruining people’s financial health. “ The comment came after a fan shared information about an Instagram account that did an in-depth analysis of Mary’s church. The accusations appear to have increased skepticism about the church and Maria’s lifestyle.

“I feel empathy for Mary, but at this point I still don’t think she’s an innocent victim.” the fan continued. “I’m sure it started out that way, but the way she became ‘god’ moved her from victim to abuser in my mind. “ There have been rumors that Mary might not return for another season. However, nothing other than the second season has been confirmed. One thing is for sure, Mary has the fans talking.

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