Sarah Michelle Gellar steps away from Joss Whedon, supports Charisma Carpenter

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar has publicly distanced herself from Joss Whedon while also showing her support for Charisma Carpenter.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has distanced herself from Joss Whedon following co-star Charisma Carpenter’s public statement against Whedon alleging abusive and unprofessional behavior.

“While I’m proud that my name is associated with Buffy Summers, I don’t want to be forever associated with the name Joss Whedon,” Gellar said in an Instagram post. “I am currently more focused on raising my family and surviving a pandemic, so I will not be making any further statements at this time. But I am with all survivors of abuse and I am proud of them for speaking.”

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Gellar’s comments came after Charisma Carpenter posted a statement on social media denouncing Whedon’s alleged behavior on sets. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. “My truth. #IStandWithRayFisher,” Carpenter tweeted with his statement. The #IStandWithRayFisher hashtag is a show of solidarity with Ray Fisher, who first made public the abuse allegations against Whedon in the Justice League established in July 2020.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Star Amber Benson expressed her support for Charisma Carpenter’s recent social media post about Joss Whedon’s abuse on set. “Buffy it was a toxic environment and it starts at the top, “Benson wrote on Twitter.” @AllCharisma tells the truth and I support her 100%. There was a lot of damage during that time and many of us are still processing it more than twenty years later. #IStandWithRayFisher #IStandWithCharismaCarpenter “.

Michelle Trachtenberg, other Buffy alum, shared Gellar’s post on Instagram and added a prayer emoji while saying, “Thank you @sarahmgellar for saying this. I’m brave enough now as a 35-year-old woman … To repost this. Because. This must . Being known. When he was a teenager. With his inappropriate behavior …… “

“Last summer when Ray Fisher publicly accused Joss of abusive and unprofessional behavior towards the cast and crew during the new recordings of the League of Justice set in 2017, it gutted me, “Carpenter said.” Joss has a history of being casually cruel. He has created hostile and toxic work environments since the beginning of his career. I know this because I experienced it first hand. Repeatedly.”

Carpenter said Whedon used “continuous, passive-aggressive threats” to fire her, called her “fat” to colleagues when she was four months pregnant and weighed only 126 pounds, “was mean and scathing, openly despised others and often had favorites, pitting people against each other to compete and compete for their attention and approval. “

In some incidents, Carpenter called a meeting with Whedon, where he allegedly reprimanded her for getting a rosary tattoo, “intentionally refused multiple calls” from his agents to notify him of her pregnancy, and allegedly asked if “she was going to stay”. once they spoke. “He proceeded to attack my character, make fun of my religious beliefs, accuse me of sabotaging the show, and then unceremoniously fired me the following season after I gave birth,” she said.

As part of Carpenter’s statement, he revealed that it was part of the Warner Bros. / Ray Fisher investigation into Whedon’s conduct on the set of League of Justice. “Recently, I participated in WarnerMedia League of Justice research because I believe that Ray is a person of integrity who tells the truth, “Carpenter said.” His firing as Cyborg in The flash it was the last straw for me. Although I’m not surprised, it hurts deeply. I am concerned and saddened that in 2021 professionals STILL have to choose between reporting wrongdoing in the workplace and job security.

Ray Fisher thanked Charisma Carpenter for participating in the League of Justice research, calling her “one of the bravest people I know.”

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