Shazam: Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg jokes about Billy Batson’s goth phase in response to criticism of the first film’s humor.

Shazam: Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg jokes about Billy Batson’s goth phase in response to criticism of the first film’s humor. In 2019, Sandberg joined the DCEU directing Shazam, perhaps the happiest entry to the franchise yet. It starred Asher Angel as Billy, a young teenager who gains the ability to transform into an adult superhero every time he says “Shazam!” Zachary Levi played the adult Billy. Shazam It was a modest success, garnering a decent box office total and positive reviews from fans and critics.

Although Shazam 2 it is definitely in the works, it will arrive much later than expected. When it was first announced, Shazam 2 It was scheduled for launch in April 2022. However, after several delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it was moved several times. Currently, it is scheduled for June 2023, more than four years after the premiere of the first film. Shazam 2 filming will begin in May this year. Much of the original cast is expected to return, including Billy’s adoptive family. They all received their own superpowers at the end of Shazam and will be back for more action in the sequel.

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With so little to share Shazam 2, Sandberg he’s started to make a name for himself by joking about certain aspects of the film. When someone on Twitter wrote that they are not a fan of “comedy shazam, “Sandberg couldn’t resist joking”,Great, so you’ll love the new direction we’re taking the character! Accompanying the clapback was an edited photo of Levi from Shazam looking like a goth, with a tattoo on his face and a black suit. You can see his post below.

Sandberg has joked about all sorts of things regarding Shazam 2, from a dramatic costume change for Levi to what a crossover between DC, Marvel and Star Wars. At this point, not much can be said about the plot or any new characters, so Sandberg has his hands tied. In that sense, pranks are the best way to poke fun at the movie without revealing any spoilers. As Shazam 2 It’s so far away, it could be that way for a while

If there is something that is clear Shazam 2 right now, is that Henry Cavill’s Superman will not appear. Rumors surfaced online about Cavill having a cameo last week, and Sandberg later declined to comment. However, recent reports have indicated that a Cavill appearance is not on the cards. This is disappointing for some, though Shazam 2 it will probably be great even without it. The real question is: What would the movie look like if Billy really had a goth phase? That is a scenario to consider.

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