SNK once tested Goku and Ryu in King Of Fighters

Before the development of Capcom vs. SNK, SNK tested a crossover in their flagship King of Fighters franchise for a little fun during development.

SNK Corporation’s penchant for corporate crossovers may have its roots closer to home than fans might expect. The King 0f Fighters It remains SNK’s flagship franchise, with its latest installment due out this year. The development of KoF started as a cross between SNK’s own franchises as characters from Fatal fury, Ikari WarriorsY Art of fighting they made their way into the game. These characters would become staples of the series for the KoF franchise. In the late 1990s, SNK’s crossover potential began to spread to other companies.

In 1999, Capcom, the developers of the Street Fighter franchise: worked with SNK and signed a collaboration agreement to make several cross titles between the two companies. This agreement resulted in two series of titles: SNK vs. Capcom, developed by SNK, and the best known and well received Capcom vs. SNK series, developed by Capcom. Before development even started SvC or CvS, SNK had already tested the idea of ​​a crossover with characters outside of their own franchises behind the scenes.

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Throughout game development, video game content is created that may never see the light of day on its final release. This content is removed from the final product for various reasons ranging from simply not having time to finish the content to more complicated reasons, such as the possibility of the game’s age rating being increased. In the case of SNK’s special cross-play test, it was designed internally as a “limited hobbyist project “ with no intention of public disclosure.

How Goku and Ryu were implemented in King of Fighters

Talking with Polygon, the Chief Director of KoF ’98 Toyohisa Tanabe spoke of this project as something that developed “for fun“among the staff two years prior to the collaboration with Capcom. Tanabe stated that this project came after the development of KoF ’98 had concluded and went on to say, “We actually had a bit of time after we finished development. So the team ended up building the game with Ryu and Ken in it.“The 2D fighting games from Capcom and SNK seem to fit the bill perfectly, but the other guest fighting characters confirmed by Tanabe went beyond the realm of games.

Tanabe continued: “IWe didn’t just end up playing with Ryu and Ken. We also include Dragon Ball characters, like Son Goku.“. The Dragon Ball The franchise is no stranger to the 2D fighting game genre. Among the many Dragon Ball fighting games came the Super Butouden series on the SNES, which featured a combination of 2D fighting game with Dragon Ball DNA. The inclusion of Goku inside The king of fighters presents an interesting perspective as it removes Goku from his local series to a more solid playstyle. Unfortunately, Tanabe claims that this test was “never in a physical cartridge“since it was made on development hardware so this build is unlikely to exist anywhere.

At the time of the playtest, Dragon Ball Y Street Fighter crossing with The king of fighters in the same game it was an unheard of possibility. Today, SNK Corporation has leaned toward crossovers in its many titles. Anime / manga series Gintama has crossed into The King of All Star Fighters mobile game along with the likes of Tekken and even Wwe. While The king of fighters Still a home for SNK-based crossovers in its flagship titles, SNK Corporation has shown a great deal of willingness for inter-company deals, for better or for worse.

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Source: Polygon

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