So I’m a spider: everything we know about the ‘taboo’ ability with overpower so far

In the world of So I’m A Spider, skills prove to be very versatile. But in the case of Taboo Skill, at a potentially sinful cost.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for So I am a spider, so what? Episode 5, “Does Catfish Taste Good?”, Is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

So I am a spiderEpisode 5 dives into the perks of developing one’s own abilities, and there is one in particular that has followers of ‘God’ adopting a peculiar mindset. Both Fei and Wakaba have acquired the ‘Taboo’ ability by killing their own relatives, which is obviously not a target. Okay thing, but why so very frowned upon by God’s followers? Could it even be that the ability is a flaw created by this same divine being?

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This episode provides some clues as to what the answer is, mainly through Yuri’s sudden interest in killing all the ability wielders, making it seem like the Taboo ability is much more than the details of the description.

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It is still unclear on So I am a spider if only creatures and monsters are the ones that can acquire the Taboo ability. What we know for sure is that killing your own kind is the condition that must be met before manifesting it. Wakaba acquired it early in his awakening, and Fei developed the ability after protecting his friends from the Earth Dragon. The ability hasn’t proven to be much of a threat yet, other than giving them advantages over their own class. But none of the characters have used it for their own benefit, which begs the question: why is Yuri so motivated to find carriers of the Taboo ability?

Yuri is a religious enthusiast in the human group, The Word of God, and in Episode 5 it is revealed that his motive is to become strong enough to be able to hear the voice of God. Yuri claims to have been able to hear the voice on a daily basis, and even characterizes God as a woman by referring to her as “she”. Reincarnated humans who hear the voice of God believe that she is responsible for their reincarnation in their new world.

Yuri claims that those with the Taboo ability are classified as taboo. themselves by the will of God. Yuri is also very nonchalant about his desire to kill all of the Taboo bearers, his behavior is almost sociopathic as he talks to Shun about discovering all the impostors among them. Fei overhears the conversation and can’t help but tremble in fear knowing now that the followers of God’s Word will kill her the moment they learn of her taboo ability.

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Fortunately for Fei, and even Wakaba, it takes the Evaluation ability to see another creature’s stats. Shun and Wakaba are the only ones who have the Evaluation ability at the moment, and it seems that the manifestation of the ability itself is quite rare. That little detail only protects Fei for a moment, but if someone found out about his truth, it would definitely be used against him and potentially blackmail to get revenge on Shun. But that still does not answer the nagging question: why is Taboo so hated by followers of God’s Word?

Alongside all of this, Episode 5 also shows the importance of developing skills in general, even showing that skills get more advanced with each level. The Taboo ability may not have benefited its bearers much thus far, but the possibility of the ability developing into a more powerful entity is not out of the question. Is it safe to assume that the taboo ability can potentially turn into one that can even harm God? After all, what greater taboo is there to inflict harm on God, right?

Whoever ‘God’ is, it is quite possible that Taboo poses a potential threat to them directly, which is the only explanation so far why she would want her followers to release him from the world. It could also be that Taboo is simply a defect of another ability created indirectly by God, and God wants a world filled with pure beings that are not marked by sin. Regardless, the mention of both God and Taboo is beginning to link human reincarnations to a greater purpose, and their inner turmoil is just beginning to brew.

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