When Tom Holland made his debut as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, became the third Spider-Man to grace the silver screen in the space of a decade. Holland’s Spidey pulls the incarnation of Andrew Garfield out of the water, but it hasn’t quite reached the greatness of Tobey Maguire’s definitive interpretation of the character from Sam Raimi’s original trilogy.

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Holland has been doing a fantastic job playing the role of Spidey and he probably has a bright future as a character, whether with Marvel or Sony, but Maguire is still the best Spider-Man to cross the big screen.

10 Holland is great – it’s convincingly clumsy

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Far From Home

For someone who was confident enough to star in a West End musical at the age of 12, Tom Holland astonishingly plays Peter Parker’s awkwardness.

Maguire’s Peter was genuinely geeky too, but Holland nails the embarrassing humor of every situation where Maguire’s Peter was sometimes just plain provocative (especially when he merged with the symbiotes). Some of Peter de Holland’s romantic encounters with Liz and MJ are extremely difficult to watch.

9 Maguire is the best: nailed the origin of the character

Peter Parker climbs a wall in Spider-Man

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige wisely avoided retelling Spider-Man’s origin story with the character’s first MCU solo film, because it had already been told twice in the span of 15 years and nearly all of the time. world knows now. But origin is a crucial factor in character composition, and Sam Raimi’s initial Spiderman movie nailed the origin.

Raimi not only captured the most important moments of his origin story: the murder of Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility,” Peter discovered his abilities, etc. Maguire also captured Peter’s journey from a meek teenager to a superhuman who has to make tough sacrifices in the fight for justice.

8 Holland is great: his frenzied performance captures the turmoil of Peter’s double life

Peter Parker in Spider-Man Homecoming

The fun of Spidey’s stories comes from the fact that he has to hide his identity. While Tony Stark can easily walk away from a board meeting to save some lives as Iron Man, Peter Parker has to hide the fact that he is Spider-Man from everyone he meets, and the rest of New York, and this double life. it can get quite hectic.

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Holland’s frantic performance as Peter perfectly captures the turmoil of being Spider-Man. He partly modeled his performance after Michael J. Fox’s portrayal of Marty McFly, who was always nervous about his “heavy” antics of time travel.

7 Maguire is the best – his voice-over narration translates comic book thought bubbles to the screen


In the Spider-Man comics, Spidey’s thoughts are constantly expressed in word bubbles, giving the audience a window into how he feels about the events of the story.

These thought bubbles cannot be literally played on screen in live action (although the team behind In the Spider-Verse nailed it in animated form), but Sam Raimi came the closest to replicating the way the thought bubbles of the comics connect the reader to Peter with Tobey Maguire’s voice-over narration.

6 Holland is great – it’s believable as a teenager

The main problem with previous Spider-Man castings that Marvel Studios hoped to fix with its own Spidey actor was that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were completely unconvincing as teenagers.

Tom Holland wasn’t actually 15 when he started playing Spider-Man, but he was much younger than his predecessors and actually looked like the part. The fact that Holland’s Spidey constantly makes mistakes, as any 15-year-old would, makes him more relatable.

5 Maguire is the best – he developed real friendships with all his villains

Peter Parker and Otto Octavius ​​- Spider-Man 2

Peter of Holland has shared personal relationships with his villains and has related to them in a couple of ways – coming from the same working class background as the Vulture, being as smart as Mysterio, etc. – but Peter de Maguire’s villains were his father figures and best friends.

From his best friend’s father who took him under his wing to a Harry-funded scientist who allowed him to choose his brain, Peter always had to fight with the people he cared about, which gave the fight scenes that extra push. emotional.

4 Holland is great – share amazing chemistry with Zendaya

Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker Tom Holland MJ Zendaya

One of Sam Raimi’s weak points Spiderman The trilogy is that Mary Jane is misspelled. Kirsten Dunst is a great actress, but she didn’t have much chemistry with Tobey Maguire and the scripts mostly required her to be a nagging girlfriend or a screaming damsel in distress.

In contrast, love interests in Holland Spiderman The movies have been much more engaging, especially MJ, played by Zendaya. Holland and Zendaya share palpable on-screen chemistry and, unlike the love story of the Raimi trilogy, fans are really excited to see where this one goes.

3 Maguire is the best: Spider-Man 2’s subway scene is the best moment of the Spidey movie

The subway scene in Spider-Man 2

What makes Spider-Man a great character is that ultimately, he’s just a normal kid. He was given his superpowers by chance and out of the sheer will to be a good person, he wants to use those powers for good. But he is a teenager, so he is not up to the task. Still, he does the best he can and is therefore a symbol of hope in New York.

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The moment in the movie that best sums up this is the subway scene in Spider man 2. Doc Ock leaves Spidey with a runaway train that hurtles toward an unfinished bridge and nearly kills himself by stopping the train. The passengers take him back to the train and see him without his mask and realize that “he is just a boy … not older than my son …”

2 Holland is great – he has great relationships with other superheroes

The biggest difference between Maguire and Spider-Men from Holland is that the former was independent and the latter is part of a larger cinematic universe. Since the Raimi trilogy came beforeIron Man, did not try to establish a larger world to fill with spin-offs.

And while he kept the story focused on Peter, it’s a shame we couldn’t see Maguire’s Spidey interacting with other superheroes, because his teams in the comics are always so much fun. Holland’s Spidey has developed fun dynamics with a group of fellow heroes: Iron Man, Doctor Strange, the Guardians, Captain Marvel.

one Maguire is the best: he has a relationship with Uncle Ben

Cliff Robertson Uncle Ben

With great power comes great responsibility. A big part of what makes Peter Parker Peter Parker is his relationship with Uncle Ben, both before he died and afterward, and Peter de Maguire had a poignant father-son bond with Cliff Robertson’s Ben. He lived off the wisdom that Ben gave him when he was alive and his character arc was defined by his guilt related to Ben’s death.

Peter from Holland, on the other hand, does not have a relationship with Uncle Ben. It’s not even clear if there ever was an Uncle Ben; It’s only been hinted at in a couple of disposable lines and Easter eggs.

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