‘Star Wars’: Don’t Expect Ubisoft’s Open World Game Until After ‘The Avatar Project’

“A long time from now, in a galaxy far, far away …”

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The news from Ubisoft’s latest earnings call was pretty optimistic for the gaming company’s record quarter, but not so much for fans hoping for its untitled title. Star Wars game.

Just under a month ago it was announced that Lucasfilm and Ubisoft would be collaborating on an open-world game set squarely in the vast and seemingly timeless. Star Wars universe. Few details were available then or now, except to say that the Ubisoft studio Mass entertainment (The Division franchise, The avatar Draft) you would be developing the game using your existing Snowdrop engine. That is all the same; the difference now is that we know that we will probably be waiting a long, long time before we get our hands on whatever this open world game ends up being.

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During the earnings call, captured in part by CNBC Y many other mediaUbisoft confirmed that they are in the “early stages” of game development. But they also mentioned that Massive Entertainment’s continued work on The Avatar Project, the adaptation of the game James Cameronit is Avatar franchise prior to the new Star Wars game. With only shaky release dates for those who are often delayed Avatar sequels, which one imagines Cameron et al would want to coincide with the game’s release, Star Wars fans will be waiting for some time for this one. Avatar 2-5 are supposed to be launched in the course of the 2020s, with Avatar 2 arriving on December 16, 2022 and Avatar 5 coming to the distant, futuristic and jetpack-compatible 2028. Expect the new Star Wars the game will be cradled there somewhere, which means you shouldn’t expect to see anything for at least a few years. Patience is a virtue, I guess.

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Last month, Lucasfilm Games VP Douglas reilly shared a bit about the plans for the new game and the bigger picture of the renowned studio during the announcement above:

“We have many things that we are ready to start sharing with the fans, because we have been working quietly behind the scenes for a while, waiting for this moment.”

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with the Massive team, led by David Polfeldt and creative director, Julian Gerighty. We have been working for almost a year to meet them and find out what they want to contribute. I am a huge fan of them, personally. I think we are very excited about the direction of that project, because they have a unique vision of the story and the game they want to offer ”.

Massive Entertainment from Sweden too he joked a bit about his long-awaited project on his own blog:

In January 2021, it was announced that we are collaborating with Disney and Lucasfilm Games on a new open world video game based on a story set in the Star Wars galaxy. Spearheaded by Massive Entertainment, the project brings together some of the most seasoned talents in the video game industry and will take full advantage of our innovative spirit and cutting-edge technologies, including the Snowdrop engine, to deliver an innovative Star Wars adventure.

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