Star Wars Legends: Why The Dark Side Tempted Luke Skywalker After Episode VI

In Star Wars: Dark Empire, Emperor Palpatine was brought back to life and eventually brought Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side as his new apprentice.

One of the most iconic stories in Star Wars Legends canon is Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy. Dark empire, where Luke Skywalker is tempted to the Dark Side of the Force. The events take place several years after the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor. In the wake of Return of the Jedi, the Empire splits into factions as different leaders attempt to take control, allowing the rebels to form the government of the New Republic. Both sides continue their hostilities, but in Dark Empire, the Emperor returns and convinces Luke to take a place by his side.

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In its first issue, the comic reveals how far Luke Skywalker has come in his Jedi training when he only takes down an Imperial walker. However, when a huge Force Storm from the Dark Side arrives from above, it targets the Jedi Knight. He and R2-D2 are allowed to be sucked into a raging cyclone and through a hyperspace wormhole. They emerge in a strange city and are taken to a fortified palace, where Luke finds Emperor Palpatine waiting for him.

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Star Wars: Dark Empire # 2. Luke bows to Palpatine

The Emperor explains that the Dark Side has caused his body to wither many times over the years due to its destructive capabilities, so he has had to transfer his consciousness to clones. As it happened in Return of the Jedi, the Emperor invites Luke to become his apprentice, but many years have passed since the Battle of Endor. Luke is much more powerful. There is even a chance, however small, that he can defeat the Sith Lord, but as Palpatine points out, that would be of no use as there are more clones waiting to receive his consciousness. Rather than resist, Luke takes this opportunity to learn from his former foe, even hoping to challenge the power of the Dark Side from within his domain. He kneels down, stating that he shares the same fate as his father, Darth Vader. This is essential to understanding Luke’s motives. Anakin Skywalker was supposedly the “Chosen One”, a fate that Luke later inherited. Vader spread terror throughout the galaxy. To understand his father’s decisions and better understand the nature of the Force, Luke allows himself to go to the Dark Side, not out of hatred or fear, but in search of wisdom.

Meanwhile, the New Republic forces are attacked by a new type of Imperial superweapon known as the World Ravagers. These huge machines suck up whole chunks of planets into their powerful tractor beams and turn the raw material into new starfighters. As the New Republic suffers dire losses, Leia receives a message from Luke warning her to stay away. Despite this, she, Han, and C-3PO search for him and arrive at the Emperor’s base where the secret of their survival is revealed when they are taken to his clone foundry. Luke has allowed the Imperials to tamper with R2-D2’s programming, which horrifies C-3PO. Seeing how horrible things are, Leia attacks the Emperor with her lightsaber, but he incapacitates her with a Force beam. In response, Han punches Luke, who grabs his old friend by the neck and begins to strangle him. Despite this, Luke insists that all he is doing is saving the galaxy. When Han threatens his life, Luke even admits that he may need to die.

A short time later, the Emperor tells Leia, now pregnant, that he plans to use her future child as the next host body for his consciousness. However, Luke helps her escape, smuggling Imperial codes to defeat the World Ravagers into R2-D2’s newly modified mainframe and thereby giving the New Republic what they need to defeat the Empire. the Millenium Falcon He flies, but Luke stays behind to destroy Palpatine’s remaining clones before Leia saves him.

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Star Wars: Dark Empire.  Leia uses lights drummer on Emperor Palpatine

Elements of Dark empire have echoed later Star Wars stories. By Timothy Zahn Thrawn Trilogy Y The hand of Thrawn duology in Legends also features Luke dealing with the temptation of the Dark Side. The influence of Dark empire you even see The last jedi, where it is revealed that Luke tried to kill Ben Solo, who was still just a child, while Palpatine’s clones return in The rise of Skywalker.

The dark side of the force is driven by fear. To defeat the Empire, Luke needed to understand his own fears in order to master them. He almost gets lost in the process, and it’s only his love for Leia (and his love for him) that saves him.

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