Stargirl Returns To DC Comics With Spring Break One-Shot

The DC Comics Stargirl Spring Break one-shot from Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck will feature Stargirl teaming up with the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

DC Comics has revealed the cover art and synopsis for their upcoming Stargirl Spring Break Special a drink.

The 48-page story will see Courtney Whitmore, better known as Stargirl, teaming up with the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Their mission features a quest to reveal the mysterious eighth member of the Soldiers, which is hinted to affect Courtney’s future as Stargirl. Courtney’s stepfather Pat was a member of the Soldiers during his time as the Star-Spangled Kid, alongside Sylvester Pemberton, who wielded Courtney’s Cosmic Staff and the cosmic converter belt as Starman.

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The other members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory featured on the cover include the gunman Vigilante and the Shining Knight, along with the Crimson Avenger. The team is completed by DC’s resident archer, Green Arrow, and his half-sister, Emiko, better known as Red Arrow.

Created by Johns and Lee Moder, Courtney Whitmore first appeared in the Stars and STRIPE mini series. He has been a member of the Justice Society of America and is currently starring in his own television series with a second season scheduled to debut on The CW. Johns and Nauck will also write a Star Girl story for him Infinite border one-shot will debut in March, marking the future of DC Comics.

Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Todd Nauck, Stargirl Spring Break Special # 1 goes on sale May 4 from DC.

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