Supernatural: Full Series Blu-ray Box Set Release Date and Details Revealed

A Supernatural Blu-ray Box – The complete series is on its way, giving fans every hour of the beloved series for a steep price.

Supernatural is getting a full Blu-ray box, including all 15 seasons of The CW’s beloved monster hunting drama series. The show ended in 2020 after a prestigious and impressively long run, in which brothers Sam and Dean Winchester faced off against ghosts, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, God, and countless other supernatural beings. Now that the series is finally over, fans are reflecting on its mandate, evolution, and enduring television legacy.

Despite being adored by countless fans, Supernatural it was not without its polarizing moments. Such a long run meant different distinct eras for the show, with different showrunners and various endings planned that ultimately only fueled more stories in the upcoming season. When the real Supernatural The end came, he was also greeted with a mixed reception. The death of certain key characters in the last few episodes, in particular, was criticized by many viewers as cheap and undeserved, leaving a sour taste for some as Supernatural accumulated credits. Still, the impact of Supernatural about the fantasy genre and television in general is undeniable, and most fans still hold the show in incredibly high regard despite its occasional mistakes.

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Those fans can now enjoy the series again in its entirety through a complete box of the recently revealed series. By ComicBook, the package will include all 15 seasons of Supernatural, 13,716 minutes of content spread over 59 Blu-ray discs, for the hefty price of $ 359.99. A DVD version will also be available. The box includes extensive additional features spread across the various discs, as well as a 68-page book with additional behind-the-scenes content.

Dean Sam and Supernatural Castiel

It’s the kind of prestige item expected from such a long-running show, perfect for die-hard collectors and fans. Although physical media sales have dropped significantly in the age of streaming and digital content, specialty sets like the Supernatural the complete series still have a defined market, albeit a niche one. The price may be too high for some, but it’s not a bad deal for loyalists, considering the amount of content included. The box is scheduled to go on sale on May 25, although pre-orders will open before that date at an undisclosed time.

Although the series is over for now, there is always the distant possibility of more Supernatural content somewhere on the line. Jensen Ackles has said multiple times that he would happily return to the franchise if the timing and circumstances were right, leaving the door open for more Winchester supernatural adventures one day. For now, fans will have to be satisfied with returning to all 15 seasons of Supernatural that already exist.

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Source: ComicBook

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