The 10 Funniest Scenes From Wes Anderson Movies, Ranked

None of the movies in Wes Anderson’s filmography are full comedies, but they all have lots of funny moments. His unique storytelling style is defined by a combination of dry humor and heartfelt melancholy. From the dysfunctional family of The Royal Tenenbaums to the young love of Moonrise kingdomAnderson has used his outlandish stories to capture relatable situations.

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All of Anderson’s scripts have great jokes, and these scenes really stand out when he chooses an actor whose comic timing is in tune with his directing style, like Owen Wilson or Bill Murray or Edward Norton, to bring his characters to life.

10 The prison break in the grand Budapest hotel

M Gustave in prison at the Grand Hotel Budapest

The second act of The Grand Budapest Hotel takes a surprising turn when M. Gustave is captured and imprisoned. He ends up befriending the hardened criminals he shares a cell with and plans to escape.

In a movie with dramatic sequences (Zero recounting Agatha’s death) and absolutely terrifying sequences (Jeff Goldblum’s fingers are cut off by a sliding door), the prison break is one of The Grand Budapest HotelFunniest scenes.

9 Suzy’s dad breaks down the tent at Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise kingdom

As Sam and Suzy enjoy the honeymoon phase of their relationship on a secluded beach, dance to French records, and fall in love, Suzy’s parents and the rest of the Khaki Scouts frantically search for them.

The next morning, half-dressed Sam and Suzy wake up and open their tent to see Suzy’s parents, furious, and the entire Khaki Scout troop staring at them. As Suzy’s father runs furiously into the store, Sam quickly closes the door, but Suzy’s father simply uproots the entire store.

8 Chas chases Eli around the house at the Royal Tenenbaums

Chas and Eli at The Royal Tenenbaums

On the morning of Henry and Etheline’s wedding, Eli crashes his car into the house, high on mescaline, narrowly avoiding Chas’s two young children, mindful of safety. While Royal manages to save Ari and Uzi from dying in the accident, their dog Buckley fails.

A furious Chas chases Eli through the house, knocking an elderly priest down a ladder along the way. Chas follows Eli into the next backyard and lies down next to him, where they both decide they need help.

7 “Esteban was eaten!” In the aquatic life with Steve Zissou

Bill Murray and Willem Dafoe in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

One of Anderson’s most underrated films, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou It stars Bill Murray as an eccentric oceanographer who is a lightly veiled tribute to French diving pioneer Jacques Cousteau, to whom Anderson dedicated the film.

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When Zissou initially encounters the tiger shark, he frantically describes it to Klaus and says, “Esteban was eaten!” Klaus is confused and asks, “Did they swallow it whole?” Zissou says, “No! Chewed! “

6 Catch the train (the second time) at the Darjeeling Limited

Running to the train at The Darjeeling Limited

In the opening scene of The Darjeeling Limited, Adrien Brody runs past Bill Murray in slow motion to catch the train at the last second as it leaves the station, to the sounds of the Kinks’ “This Time Tomorrow.”

Later in the movie, after the three brothers have gone on an incredible emotional journey, this shot is mirrored as they all run to catch the train in slow motion, this time set in the Kinks’ “Powerman,” and decide to get rid of them all. its the recently deceased dad’s suitcases on the way. It was the funniest way to show the trio letting go of their grief, gleefully throwing their father’s treasured belongings into the air.

5 M. Gustave flees from the police at the grand hotel in Budapest

M Gustave runs away from the police at The Grand Budapest Hotel

If some police officers showed up at a European hotel to arrest Jason Bourne, there would be a quick and visceral manhunt. Wes Anderson hilariously subverts those expectations when police arrive to arrest M. Gustave for murder in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

He casually turns and flees and, after taking too long to realize it, the police start chasing him. It’s a wonderfully timely comic moment, dating back to the visual jokes of early big-screen comedies.

4 “Oh, are they?” At rushmore

The dinner scene at Rushmore

Halfway Rushmore, Max Fischer goes to dinner with the professor he likes and the doctor he’s dating (a much more age-appropriate and well-adjusted romantic couple) and tries to outwit him.

When Max says condescendingly, “I like your nurse’s uniform, boy,” the doctor responds, “These are OR scrubs,” and Max jokes, “Oh, right?”

3 Sam is struck by lightning at Moonrise Kingdom

Sam in Moonrise Kingdom

When Sam and Suzy are on their way to secretly marry, fleeing the Khaki Scouts on their tail, Sam is struck by lightning.

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This scene is a great example of how Anderson incorporates animation techniques after directing the animation. Fantastic Mr. Fox, essentially creating a live-action cartoon.

2 Royal Epitaph at the Royal Tenenbaums

Royal's Epitaph at The Royal Tenenbaums

In the final scene of The Royal TenenbaumsAfter Royal dies of a heart attack at the age of 68 and Chas is the only witness to his passing, the family attends his funeral. No one speaks in the toilet, which, according to the narrator, Royal would have found “most satisfying.”

The priest glances at the headstone and is stunned by the hysterically inaccurate epitaph Royal asked Etheline to place there: “He died tragically rescuing his family from the rubble of a destroyed battleship that was sinking.”

one The last hit on Bottle Rocket

The final heist in Bottle Rocket

Wes Anderson’s debut feature Bottle rocket offers his opinion on a Keeping to himself-This is a story of ordinary people trying to carry out a robbery. It’s obvious to the audience (but not the characters) that Dignan’s plan will fail, but it’s unclear how far it will fail until the film’s climactic sequence.

Kumar is unable to open the safe, Bob accidentally fires his gun, Applejack has a minor heart attack, and Dignan locks the team out of the getaway van.

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