The Cecil Hotel Disappearance: American Horror Story Connection Explained

Netflix’s The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel Shares a Connection to Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Series; here is your connection explained.

Netflix’s latest true crime series Crime scene: The disappearance at the Cecil hotel delves into the complexities of the Elisa Lam case, which largely inspired Ryan Murphy’s fifth season American horror story. Now called Stay on Main, the Cecil Hotel is one of Los Angeles’ oldest budget hotels offering affordable accommodations to tourists, travelers, and people in need of lodging. On February 1, 2013, a guest named Elisa Lam mysteriously disappeared without a trace, joining the long history of strange events that took place within the hotel’s walls. About two years later, Ryan Murphy American Horror Story: Hotel premiered with its version of the horrors of the case of Elisa Lam and the Hotel Cecil.

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Starring Lady Gaga as The Countess, the vampiric owner of Hotel Cecil’s surrogate Hotel Cortez, the series features a location filled with death and murder, as well as overdose, drug addiction, sexual assault, suicide, serial murder, and plus. . While it may have been one of the most horrible additions to the American horror story On the timeline, almost every incident that took place in the series directly reflected an actual event that happened at the Cecil Hotel. Elisa Lam’s case brought global attention to the hotel’s real-life horrors, sparking a wave of interest in retelling her story and documenting the horrors that have taken place on its grounds for decades. Ryan Murphy was one of those creators who took an interest in the case and served as inspiration for American Horror Story: Hotel.

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The Elisa Lam case vaguely inspired Murphy to create American Horror Story: Hotel thanks to the hotel’s long history of strange and violent events. Since each season of the show is interconnected, Hotel Cecil serves as the ideal place to promote its connectivity. The Elisa Lam case and the Hotel Cecil served as one of the biggest inspirations for a season that could be interconnected in every way imaginable.


According to the historical documentation of the Hotel Cecil, Beth Short, better known as the Black Dahlia, remained there before her tragic and mysterious death in 1947. In American Horror Story: Murder House, makes a brief appearance as a patient of Dr. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross), creating an undeniable connection between the actual hotel and the series. However, the most blatant source of inspiration came from an infamous serial killer who stayed at the Hotel Cecil in the midst of his crime spree.

Richard Ramirez, who recently received his own Netflix original series titled Night Stalker: Hunt for a Serial Killer, stayed at the Hotel Cecil in 1985. In American Horror Story: Hotel, is one of the attendees at the James March (Evan Peters) Devil’s Night dinner alongside Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, the Zodiac Killer and Aileen Wuornos. While the connection between most of the serial killers in attendance was quite confusing, Ramirez’s was clearly made to link his actual stay at the hotel to the fictional horror anthology series. Short and Ramirez are two of the biggest names who stayed at the Hotel Cecil and who surely influenced Ryan Murphy, but the apparitions and general horrors that frequently occurred in him were his overall source of inspiration, as he describes it. as a place where spirits meet. trapped for all eternity to torment the living. With missing persons within the hotel walls, drug overdoses that kill guests, and suicides, American Horror Story: Hotel You can attribute your inspiration to the real-life events explored in The disappearance at the Cecil hotel.

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