The Green Lanterns have a new mission in the DC universe

The Guardians of the Universe created the Green Lantern Corps as a way to preserve order, but now they are reorganizing the Corp for a new mission!

Spoilers for Green Lantern: Season Two # 11 ahead!

The Guardians of the Universe are charting a new path for him Green Lantern Corps, one that pushes stalwarts like Hal Jordan aside. Readers learn of the new fate of the Corps in The Green Lantern: Season Two # 12 by writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp. The penultimate issue of the series is now available in stores, as well as on all digital comic platforms.

The Green Lantern Corps, harnessing the green light of willpower, are a group of intergalactic space policemen who patrol the universe. They receive their marching orders from the Guardians of the Universe, a race of blue-skinned immortals on the planet Oa. The depiction of the Guardians has changed considerably over time, beginning as a race of benevolent overlords before morphing into cold and distant observers, determined to preserve order in the universe at any cost. His first attempt to create a police force was the robotic Manhunters, who rebelled against the Guardians; Green Lantern Corps was his second attempt. Over the years, the Guardians have modified the Corps to be more aligned and more obedient to the whims of the Guardians. These attempts have been rejected at all times, but the Guardians continue to insist and may now be fulfilling their promise to bring order to the universe.

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Before sending Hal on a mission, the Guardians inform him that they are “restructuring” the Corps. Among the changes they plan to introduce are less reliance on the rings and the Central Battery, as well as less “opposition to the will of the Guardians.” An incredulous Jordan listens as the Guardians inform him that they wish to “downplay” the strong individuality that the Lanterns embody as Jordan, feeling that individualism is “troublesome” and “reckless.” Finally, the Guardians intend to withdraw Jordan when their mission is over. Jordan isn’t here for that, and he storms out.

Green Lantern Corps

The Guardians of the Universe are committed to the preservation of order and feel that self-determination hinders this, hence the reason for reorganizing the Corps and putting Jordan aside. The main question is, how will this new direction of the Corps affect you in the long term? Future state has shown a universe where the Body has lost its power and the rings no longer function. When the Guardians speak to Jordan, they show him visions of other Green Lanterns, including Jo Mullein and Kid Lantern, who have appeared in Future state, Especially Mullein. Did the Guardians’ decision doom the Corps in any way, and Future state is the sequel?

The Guardians of the Universe They want to maintain an orderly universe, at all costs, and some of these efforts have blown up in their faces, like the Manhunters. However, the Guardians continue to strive to achieve this balance, and this attempt to trample free will in the Green Lantern Corps It may be your most terrible attempt yet.

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